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A Week In Jordan

Hi There,

I've just booked the Week in Jordan trip on 27th March.  This is my first trip with Exodus and will be travelling alone, just wanted to say hi to anyone else that is travelling on the trip:-)


hey drudie, im just waiting for confirmation of my trip! but hopfully il be joining you on this trip! ive travelled with exodus a few times and ive always found them very good!!!

sorry, excuse spelling trudie!!


Hi Bench,

Good to hear from someone else who's going on the trip.  Hope your confirmation has come through by now.  Have you ever travelled out that way before?  I'm a little confused on what to expect for weather.  I understand it's warm during the day in some parts but could be cold.  It's very cold in the desert at night but could also be quite cold at night at all the other places we are visiting.  Is this what you are expecting?

 Whatever it is I can't wait to go:-)

Trudie  (with a T)!


hiya trudie with a t, unfortunately exodus contacted me to say no cheap seats left on plane so unless i pay an extra £400  i wont be on the trip!! im looking at other options but no joy so far!!as re the weather, id expect about 25 degrees daytime and cool in the evenings but not to cold, im sure u will have great trip xx


Ohh that's a shame but another £400 is quite a lot.  Maybe you'll make the trip another time.  Good luck with your search.


yea hopfully, will be interested to hear how the trip goes for you and have a nose at your pics maybe!! have a great trip, chat soon, jerry x

Hi Trudie

 Have just come back from a week in Jordan - we departed 13 February 2010.  It is out of this world.  Temperatures in the 30s - didn't take enough warm weather clothes.  Didn't need anything other than the sleeping bag in the desert (Wadi Rum) and a fleece for the evenings.  I won't spoil it for you, but I hope you have Khalid as your guide.  He is so knowledgeable and is really passionate about his country.  Make sure you eat at Heathrow before you leave as the food on the plane is not too good and you get there late at night - so no more food on the Saturday.  Don't take strappy vests as you need to keep your shoulders covered most of the time.  T-shirts are ok.  Hope you have a great time and if you have any questions I would be pleased to answer.


Hi Gail,

Thanks for your mail and glad you had a great time in Jordan.  It's good to hear from someone who's just been.  I have been wondering about the weather as when I 'google' it it does say it's quite cool out there at the moment... well certainly in Amman but warmer in Aqaba, did you find this or was it just warm everywhere? I'm glad to hear that the desert is not as cold as I was expecting:-)  I plan to snorkel in the Red Sea, did you do this and was the hire equipment ok.  I ask as I do have my own good mask and snorkel and wonder whether to take it.  Thanks for the tip on the airline food, I am surprised, I thought Jordanian airlines would have been reasonably ok.  Is it in with our price or do we buy it?  I am looking forward to going but a little nervous too as my first Exodus trip.

Thanks for your help.



Here are some tips

Smart clothes are not needed.  Shorts are ok, but not too short.  We wore the type of trousers that the legs unzip.  A scarf (pashmino in style) is handy as it not only covers your shoulders, but also acts as a dust shield in the desert.  We took small suitcases and a back pack, because we couldn't get the sleeping bags in the suitcases.  You practically live out of the suitcase.  When you go to the Dead Sea some people wore bikinis, but not many.  You will need a good pair of walking shoes with a good tred and I also took my walking sandals and a pair of dressy flip flops for the evening.  When you go to the Red Sea and if you do take the extra Glass Bottom Boat trip, be aware that you have to walk through a line of men/boys on the jetty which can be quite intimidating.  If you are snorkelling equipment is provided, but some took their own - if you have room, pack it. Make sure you take enough money, beer on average was about £4 a glass.  Jordan is really a dry country alcohol-wise, so if you drink take some with you from the duty free.  You can buy alcohol in some of the restaurants/hotels, but the last day in Amman was totally dry.  Food-wise lots of salads.  Meat is mainly chicken or lamb or fish.  Food on the plane is inclusive as are the drinks.

Hope you have a great time - we certainly did.


Hi Gail,

Thanks for all your info, it's been a great help.  I'm really looking forward to going now and seeing every part of it, it sounds great.


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