A Week In Jordan 19-Nov-11


Just wondering who else has booked to go on this (solo) trip. I'm travelling from Swindon in case anyone wants to share car+airport parking...

Looking forward to the break; only a month to go :~).


Hey Paul,

I'm booked on to this trip too as a solo traveller. I'm flying down from Manchester to Heathrow.

Looking forward to it. This will be my first solo trip, so not too sure what to expect but know someone who raves about them, so this encouraged me.


Hi Chris,

This is my 3rd solo trip with exodus, the first two were very, very good...

You won't be disappointed.



Hi Paul,

I will be travelling down from just further north joining the M4 at Swindon so could pick you up en-route or meet at a railway station or something. If still interested let me know.


Hi Sylvia,

I'm still interested in sharing transport, and am more than happy to go halves on fuel and parking...

My email address is [email protected] - we can confirm details by email.


Hi Chris,

I'm also a solo traveller flying down from Manchester - wondered if you're going to be on the same flight as me and if you'd like to meet at the airport?  My flight leaves Manchester at 12.55pm on the 19th...   



Hi Folks,

I will also be joining you on this trip.  Will be driving down from Manchester on the Saturday if anybody wishes to hitch a lift from Manc or the M6/M40 corridor.

Look forward to meeting you all.



Hi peeps,

Nice to hear I may not be the only first timer on the block. Have travelled with Exodus may times with my ex husband in the distant past but now am being brave enough to go it alone, though slightly more worried about the fact that I may be the only southerner by the sound of things so far! (He he)

Anyone know if I can get away with a suitcase for this trip? No longer own a rucksack and always find that with a rollbag everthing ends up a the bottom all the bloody time.



Hello V,

I'm bringing a suitcase (not a massive one) as I've not got a rucksack: it was good enough when travelling in Egypt so don't expect a problem with it in Jordan.



Hi V.

No, you're not the only southerner. I'll be catching the bus from Croydon on the day and I'll also be another one with a suitcase. Of all the bags I've got, it's the only one with wheels!


Ok, so I'm not a fellow departee on this trip, but I was looking to find anyone on my upcoming AOX and thought I'd be nosy!  I did this trip in February and it was fantastic - one of my best holidays to date.  Most of the 15 people in my group had medium suitcases of old Exodus kit bags.  Soft cases are good as they do have to fit in the back of the minibus and it was a bit like a game of tetris at times!


Hey all,

I too will be on this trip - my first with Exodus (or any group holiday), solo or otherwise - really looking forward to it! And I will also be bringing a suitcase rather than kitbag type thingy, so hope there is room in the back of the minibus.

See you all at Heathrow on the 19th - I'll be tubing it there from across London.

Roll on Jordan : )

Louise #2


Thanks Snooze, always good to hear some feedback from somebody who has been on a trip previous. Have gone from terrified to excited overnight: You may have a lot to answer for!  

And as for you Colin, I thought it was a girly prerogative to insist on 'wheels on a case'.

Right i'm off to actually read the trip details and then panic because I havnt got/done half the things I need to. So whats new.....



Now you've got me worrried V. Not sure whether I should search the cupboards for my most rugged trip bag and turn up with it slung over my shoulder, or stick with plan A and say that I'm in touch with my feminine side!





Another southerner here. And I don't live too far from you, Colin. It's my first group trip too, but I've always been in the excited camp.

I not on the Heathrow flight, though. I'm taking the Sleasyjet flight on Thursday, so I'll have a couple of days head start on everyone else! I'd hoped that someone else would be arriving early too, but I guess not.



And another southerner here too. Have been completely lacking in organisation or preparation for this trip and with a busy week ahead not sure if/when I'll get organised! In any case, very much looking forward to it. A friend of mine is in Qatar at the moment and warned that the nights in the whole middle east region are unseasonably cold at the moment so take warm clothes!

Hi everyone,

I'm on this trip too.  It's just about sinking in we're off on Saturday so time to get organised and excited!  I'm bringing a suitcase, having read the messages above I will try for medium over large but what with sleeping bags and all, best laid plans may go out the window with last minute panic packing!  Is everyone taking a towel? I thought I read somewhere you didn't need to worry - even for dips in the sea?!


I've also read that you don't need a towel for the Dead Sea (I can't remember where I read it) BUT I shall be bringing my travel towel regardless as it folds up really small and works well. Have been advised to bring a bobble hat for the night sleeping under the stars, and my suitcase has wheels too...


Thanks for the heads up re: bobble hats (no pun intended!) and warm clothes.

Can I ask:

Has anyone received their luggage "label for life" yet? (I haven't).

And, what are people planning to do re: currency? I haven't been organised enough to order any JOD and don't know if I'll have time before heading off on Saturday. Advice seems to be that it is easy to change £££ in Jordan/use ATM's.... Any thoughts/advice?

Really looking forward to the trip now!

Apparently the luggage labels are out of stock. (I can live without it but had to confirm I received the joining instructions so thought I'd ask while I was at it!)

Not sure I should advise on currency - I'm in the same position as you, except optomistic I still have time to get some?!  Have read the same about ATMs so sure it will not be a problem though.


Have checked out a few places on the High Street this morning asking "How many Dinar for £100?". The best was just over 100, the worst was 92. This doesn't seem that great so I think I will exchange money when I get to Jordan. My last trip was Turkey and I got what I thought was a pretty good deal before I went so I changed some but it was still a better rate when I got out there.



I've never been to Jordan before, but I always rely on ATMs at the airport, and I've never had any problems. But it's always a good idea to bring a couple of different cards, just in case. I'm flying to Amman on Thursday, so I'll try to send a message if there are any problems.


Not received the label for life, wasn't expecting to as I've one already from my first trip with Exodus.

Have ordered money with ICE - international currency exchange - on-line - giving a fairly good rate tonight of 1.0776Dinar per £ but if you use credit/debit card the card company may put a cash handling fee onto it - still not too bad 'though. I used them for money on my last trip, handy, sent to a home address so I'll be collecting it from the sorting office on Saturday morning... I might bring a few $ too as they usually take them in the Middle East.

This time next week... :~)


Thanks for the tips all - especially re: bringing some $$ - have some left over from a trip to US earlier in the year. And I managed to escape the office late this afternoon and get to a post office - so have ordered some JOD (their rate was 1 JOD = £1) so at least I'll have some local currency on arrival.

Shame about the lack of luggage "labels for life" - how else will I identify my fellow travellers at the check in queue at LHR - is there a certain Exodus "look"....??!



Post about sleeping bags made me think..is everyone taking a sleeping bag? In the interest of saving packing space in my rucksack, i was going to hope to get away with a sleeping bag liner on the basis that I read somewhere that there were mattresses & 'scratchy berber blankets' available at the Wadi Rum site. thoughts?

Leena, I'm actually taking 2 liners with me - as they're much smaller and easier to pack - instead of a bag and also a couple of disposable hand-warmers just in case the nights really are cold - http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/250441 showing 6°C this coming Saturday night in Amman... so semi-clothed in those I think I'll be fine, or possibly even sweating like a Paddy in a spelling test...

Normally when anyone mentions camping I automatically think of two words: "Room Service".


I must be one of the lucky ones, Exodus actually sent me a label for life. But as it's only an address label and my case already has one of those, I was going to attach it to my day sack. So if you spot it in the departure lounge say hi.

Mark, have a good flight out tomorrow. I'm now off to find my dressing gown and slippers for Wadi Rum!


If you're struggling for space don't worry too much about a sleeping bag.  Quite a few people on this trip in February didn't bring one and there were plenty of blankets at the camp, and they weren't all scratchy!

USD generally got very competitive exchange rates out there - better than GBP, but we didn't make many trips to ATMs or banks because I think we all had dinars at the start...

Hi Louise (number 1)

I'm on the 1155am flight down to Heathrow so a little earlier than you.

I know someone who has just done the trip. They recommended a sleeping bag if you want to sleep outside but otherwise the tents are fine without as people have commented the camp is a little more civilised than the website suggests,..but dont expect plush. I'll bring a sleeping bag..they said the stars are amazing !!!

I have ordered cash but believe the exchange places at Heathrow have plenty of Jordanian cash. They said they spent about 300 quid, incl gifts, extra trips etc.

Suitcase for me...with wheels ! See you Saturday



First time on a solo exodus trip ("gulp" scary) ... starting to packing now so its all starting to kick in :) ... Cant wait!!

See you all Sat!


Hi Chris,

Hi Chris - that's a shame - will catch you in Heathrow or Amman!  I'm a bit worred about spotting everone as I haven;t got an Exodus luggae tag either - hopefully others will be looking as lost  as me!

Glad others are still sorting things out - I'm so far behind I've had to take some time off work today to get sorted!!!

Have just checked the weather in Amman - it's down as low as 7 degrees C at night and day temps are varying between 12 and 17 degrees C - definitely going to find a way to get the sleeping bag in I think! (suitcase with wheels I suspect!)

See you all Sat!




On the positive side, there are ATMs in the airport. The only one available before you pass immigration (you need to pay a JD20 visa fee if there's not 5 of you travelling in the group) but that stopped working before I got to the front of the queue. But the kind airport official let me through to departures where I could take money out, and then return to get my passport stamped. There is also a bureau de change which takes sterling, so you could use that if you don't have any dinars on you.

More unexpectedly for me, it's cold, even during the day (well, not January in Manchester cold, but still parky). I made the school-boy error of not packing a jacket - I suggest bringing a jacket and a couple of warm sweaters.

See you all on Sunday morning.



[email protected] has been recommended by people I know who have been to Amman - if you're bored tomorrow! - some good reviews of it, a book and coffee shop/cafe, on the interweb but also some poor ones from around March this year. Do you have jumpers? I can pack a fleece for you - I'm a medium - if you reply soon...


I am blokes' size medium (I don't speak to the dear departed...)

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