A week in Jordan

Anyone else booked on this trip? We are so looking forward to it! I have always wanted to sit in the Dead Sea & read a newspaper.


Booked this trip before Christmas. Have wanted to visit Petra ever since I watched Indiana Jones when my children were very young. Looking forward to camping under the stars.



Yes me too.. been totally in love with the thought of going to Petra for years.

 However, I think I'm going the week before your trip. Departing 2nd April.

 Very excited.



Looking forward to meeting you Dianne, this trip ticks so many boxes for us! Have to book some riding lessons as I have never been on a horse before.


Sorry, should have said, from Penny & Gus (Scotland)

Ken and I are also looking forward to going to Jordan, seeing Petra and staying in the desert.



Really looking  forward  to this -I can't  make  up my mind  which will be the  best  bit but I've  always  wanted  to go to Petra . This  trip encompasses everything I could  hope to do in Jordan. I'm impressed at the  mention of  riding lessons ! My 13 year old  son is  coming  with us  are there any other kids  coming ?Look forward  to meeting  you BJR/JH /RH from Scotland too!


Is the horseriding compulsory? last time I tried I could barely sit on my bike for a week afterwards. Having said that, I do fancy having a go on a camel (highly recommended by the Rough Guide).

Anyone got any thoughts about sleeping bags? Alessandra says no need (plenty blankets) and it seems a lot of luggage space to occupy for only one night. Then again I can't help thinking the blankets might be a bit itchy.

Think I might be coming across as a bit of a wimp. Even before I mention keeping a close ear on the news in case of riots... Shirley (and Rodney) from Dorset


Sorry for the blank message - my computer suddenly closed down. 

I think you get a chance to ride a donkey at Petra rather than walk a long way although Gap Adventures give dire warnings about the reliability of the donkeys! I too am watching the situation in that area of the world, although Jordan seems fine at the moment.

I assumed we had to take a sleeping bag but would rather not bother if it isn't necessary. We fancy sleeping out under the stars - I don't know how cold it gets in April.



I have a neighbour whose son lives in Amman at the present tim so keeping abreast of news with her but so far no panic. As for donkey, think I may walk!



Just checked the trip code on Penny's first message and realised I'm in the wrong place - this isn't the cycling holiday, is it?

Have a good time, anyway, and if you see us give us a wave!



Nearly there, so excited! (well, more of a panic on at the moment). We got sheet sleeping bags from Tisos, polycotton, very light and saves carting sleeping bags everywhere for one night.

Penny & Gus 

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