A Week in Jordan - 9th March

Wanted to say hi to anyone else going on this trip - looking forward to meeting you! Jacky 

Hi,  we have just booked this trip for March 9th.   Hoping for some sunshine and warm days.

Looking forward to meeting you! Are you on the group flight from the UK? I am also hoping for some sunshine, although don't know if it will be shorts & t'shirts weather! 

Hi.   Yes,  we are on the group flight.  I just checked and there is now only one space left,  so looks like we will be a biggish group.   Neither of us have been to this part of the world,  so interested to see what it is like.  Have been watching the Arabia wildlife programme and the scenery has been stunning.     Really hoping to get some sun on arms and legs.      Lesley & Trevor.

Hi Lesley, thanks for the reminder on the Arabia programme - I had forgotten about it! I have been following the weather and I am hoping it will be nice for us, low 20's at least. Just wanted to ask, are you taking a sleeping bag for the night in Wadi Rum? Was thinking of taking one but not sure if I can be bothered to carry it for just one night! I am taking a sleep sheet anyway. Jacky 

MY husband & I are going on this trip and doing the packing etc now.  I think we are taking sleeping bags, as it sounds like others advise they are needed and we can leave them in the vehicle most of the time.  Only problem is they will have to fit in our bags for the flight.  Looking at the weather forecast seems like the temperature could be all the way from 2 - 30 degreesC, so i am having problems deciding what to take.  One forecast said there would be "slight sleet" at Petra on Tuesday and 8 degrees - Hope that is wrong!! HelenW

Hi Helen, I am also wondering what to take. I want to travel light, especially as when you disregard travel days it is only 7 days to pack for. I have only seen the forecast for Amman and Aqaba and it's all looking pretty good (in the 20's), but I was told Petra can be cool in the shade, and it will be cold at night pretty much everywhere. I am just taking a selection - some shorts & t'shirts and some trousers and long sleeve tops. I will just mix and match! I packed my sleeping bag, but called Exodus earlier today and they said we get provided with a sleeping bag at Wadi Rum which surprised me. Might be worth you calling up and double checking, but I am not going to take mine now as it's an unnecessary weight to carry and fit in the bag for the flight (please dont take my word for it though, would hate it if I was misinformed and then we all end up cold!) I am still taking a sleep sheet though. Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday! Jacky 

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