Week in Jordan - Anybody else going?

Hi there,

I've just booked on to the 16th November Week in Jordan departure.  Would be great to hear from anybody else who's going.




I'm booked onto the same trip, cannot wait wanted to see Petra for ages! Are you on the group flight?

Hayley x

Hi Hayley,

Great to hear from you.  I didn't get a notification of your reply so hence my slow reply!  Yes, I'm on the group flight, but I booked it independently.  I still get the transfers but it just means I have to sort my visa myself.  Where will you be travelling from?

Have you been on many Exodus trips before?  This will be my fourth, but my first time on a solo departure one (although I went on 2 of the trips on my own).



I'm travelling down to heathrow from Northamptonshire, what about you? I've been on 2 other exodus trips and one was a solo departure on which I met lots of like minded people and a few of us still get together once a year. Looking forward to meeting you and seeing who else is joining us x

Where in Northamptonshire are you? I'm in Leamington Spa so not far away! I also met a great group on my first trip and we've been on a couple of holidays together since. Hopefully this group will be as good :-).


Hi Charlotte

 Live in Raunds on the Northamptonshire/Cambridgeshire border really, Leamington isn't that far away at all. Sure this group will be as good, after all these holidays are what you make them generally x

I was going to see if you wanted a lift to the airport if you were in south Northamptonshire but I don't think Raunds is really on my way unfortunately!


Hi Hayley & Charlotte,

My wife and I have just booked this tour. We are an Australian couple who live in London.

We had a friend who did this tour last year and he raved about it. 

Look forward to meeting in a months time.


Hi Chris.  Look forward to meeting you both soon.  Only three weeks to go :-).


Hello Hayley, Charlotte and Chris

It is Eva and Paul. We are also going to Jordan. My Partner and I always wanted to see Petra, therefore the choice. I was traveling with Exodus earlier to Canada. It was an amazing trip, with fantastic people. I am sure this one is going to be equally good. See you there.


Hi All!

Only just over a week to go,

Is everyone on the group flight arriving in Jordan at silly o clock?

Just wondering if anyone's planning on taking currency as guessing the time we arrive means it may be difficult to change at the airport on arrival ?

I'll be a heathrow from 1300 ish and happy to meet for a beverage before we depart if anyone else would be up for that? Let me know and we can make a plan based on what's on offer in terminal 4.

Can't wait to meet you all.

See you soon

Hi Hayley.  Yes I got some currency - I normally just get some when I arrive, but like you I thought the late arrival time might be problematic.  I'm on the group flight but have booked it independently.  Aren't we flying from T3 rather than T4 though?  I'm sure it says T3 on my Royal Jordanian confirmation.  Unless I'm not on the group flight then?  Meeting up would be good - need to think about what time I'll be arriving and will let you know.  I'll possibly eat at the airport too - I don't normally eat much on the plane so might have a proper meal at the airport.  So busy at work at the moment that I'm struggling to think a day ahead, let alone a week :-).  Are you taking a sleeping bag for Wadi Rum.  You can borrow them out there, but they said they are not very good quality.  I feel the cold so think I might take a decent one with me - it will be a bit of a hassle to pack, but I will probably be grateful for it!  C


Hi everyone!  I am booked on this trip as well! 

I'm flying over solo from the U.S.   (I actually land in Amman a day early; it was the only direct flight option from New York).  


Hayley, I plan on bringing over some local currency to get me started. If I were flying out of your airport I'd be happy to meet you for a beverage :)

Charlotte, I have a sleeping bag liner but no bag. Hope what they have will do! :)  

Chris, Eva & Paul - happy to hear good reports on Exodus! This is my first time traveling with them.


Looking forward to meeting you all at the hotel!

   - Megan

Im no this trip too. This will be my four holiday with exodus. I am flying from Heathrow on the group  flight so those of us that are can get our visas together at the other end. I too am just taking a sleeping bag liner will just combine it with their sleeping bag for added comfort. Anyone have a rough idea of how much currency to  take to cover the added bits? looking forward to meeting you all. not long now :)


Oooopppps you are right terminal 3 it is x

I usually eat at the airport too so let's research and make a plan on where and when we can meet on Saturday before we fly!

Megan- we have all week to have that beverage, not too worry x

I'll defo get some currency then to tide me over for the first few days.

I was going to pack my sleeping bag as I feel the cold and likewise it can stay on the bus when not in use anyway and so no hassle with having to carry it everywhere.


Hi Chris, thank you for offering to meet up on Saturday night, I'd love to!  Right now i'm planning some details for my afternoon in Amman on Saturday during the day.  Unfortunatley it seems the hotel our first night is a 10-15 min drive outside the city. I planned on taking a taxi to downtown Amman during the day (front desk at hotel said this would cost 4 JOD), and possibly having lunch and dinner in the city.  The blog you posted is wonderful! The restaurants he/she mentioned seemed to be outside Amman in Wadi Musa and Madaba. Feel free to email me directly if you like [email protected]  


Hayley, maybe its easiest if we just contact each other when we arrive and have checked in then we can have a look what's on offer for food (not a lot if I remember rightly!)?  My phone number is 07720 346477.  I'll aim for 1ish too, but I'm driving so depends on traffic.  Less than a week now :-).  I've just got everything out ready as I've got a manic week at work with some long days so don't want too much last minute stress!  I definitely am going to take a sleeping bag now - I've borrowed my friend's decent one that she bought for the Inca Trail as its quite small and light but supposed to be ok down to -5 degrees!


Hi all! I'm a late addition to the trip - just booked a couple of weeks ago and have barely had time to look at the itinerary, haha! But I'm sure it'll be fun. I'm flying on the BA flight from London - Chris, sounds like that's the one you'll be on too? I guess we'll meet at the airport since we should be sharing the transfer, then perhaps I can join you guys and Megan before the rest of the group arrives? 

 Look forward to meeting everyone! And hopefully getting myself a bit more organised over the next few days!


Hi Kate!  Look forward to meeting you at the weekend (Sunday morning I imagine as our flight gets in in the middle of the night - we'll be the zombies at breakfast!)


Hi Kate,

Yes, definitely more than welcome to join us for dinner.

See you Saturday  


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