Welcome back!

Hi everyone, welcome home  It took us 28 hours...

Let us know if Henry shared the e-mails addressses.




Hi Nathalie, That's a long time to be on planes and in airports. I hope you were spared the " extra special" security that our flight was subject to in HK. I assume you were since you were going to Vancouver.

I had a great time in Singapore. Spent a day with someone my sister put me in touch with. She gave me an amazing tour.

Haven't heard from Henry yet. Thought I had his e-mail address, but I don't. Mine is [email protected].

Keep in touch!


Hi all. I thought I might have brought H1N1 home with me but it was probably just a cold, or maybe mild denge fever! I've spent most of the weekend uploading photos to facebook. Nothing from Henry yet, but here's my email, for what it's worth: [email protected].


Hello Elizabeth and Mark,

It is very nice to hear from both of you.  I will send you the picture I have of you.

We spent the last week-end at soccer (football) game and a Birthday party. At 6:00 p.m,  I was ready to go to bed.  This week was brutal at work.


I am booked on this same tour starting on April 1st and I would be so appreciative of any suggestions that you could make. I know that there are trip notes but nothing is better than 1st hand experience.For example were there mosquito nets in all the locations you stayed? What type of footwear ought you bring? Were you left on your own alot, or was there a good balance of structure and being able to check out things on your own? I sense you all had a great time! 


We really enjoyed the trip.  This trip is for nature lovers.  You will walk up to 5 km/day in the jungle.

You only need mosquitos nets in the long house and they are provided.

Bring confortable shoes like a pair of trecking shoe and walking sandals. Bring long pants, long sleeves and insect repellent.

In Sabah, we enjoyed lots of structured activities and in Sarawak we enjoyed lots of fee time.  On the whole, we had good balance. 



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