Whales and Leopards of Sri Lanka

Hello all. I'm booked on this and really looking forward to it. Who else is on it?

Hi - I'm on this one too... always get away for Xmas.


On this holiday first time away at Xmas...

I always try to get away for Christmas too, though prevented two years ago by all that snow at Heathrow. Looking forward to meeting you both. I'm from south London by the way.

I'm from Hemel Hempstead. I also missed my Xmas trip two years ago beacuse of the snow - was headed for Ethiopia, but went ot Tesco instead to stock up the empty cupboard! Looking forward to meeting you too.

Heading over from Dublin - skipping London as nearly didn't make Cuba two Christmasses ago  because of the snow. Looking forward to the leopards!



I am living in PNG at the moment, but am Australian.  I will be joining you all for the trip and am really looking forward to the wildlife


5 people, two Helen's. From west lindon myself, struggling to find shorts mid winter...out mine away safe somewhere wafted our last summer several years ago.

I won't be on the group flight but will arrive earlier in the day, around 04.00. I hope you'll forgive me for not hanging around the airport. Have opted to head south (I believe with two others). Will however keep a space at the cocktail bar for "late" arrivals ;-)


I am also arriving early.  Are people hiring a car to drive south early?

Hi T - given I arrive approx 8 hours before the group I arranged transport a transfer south ... I was subsequently contacted and advised that there were another 2 who wanted to share the transer south! Might be worth while contacting Exodus in case we can include you in that transfer :-)


and there will be others who haven't found or bothered with this blog, I expect.

Helen H - my lost holiday Christmas 2010 was Ethiopia too - must have been same trip - I went February/ March 2011 instead.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

By the way, I am Liz.

Just stocking up on the ginger root pills in case of sea-sickness - just read some of the reviews! I've got 100, so happy to share if they work!

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