What factors should I consider to decide if it worth upgrading to a

What factors should I consider to decide if it worth upgrading to a

I'm looking at upgrading from a Canon Discount Christian louboutin T2i to a Canon 7D. It's available used for half-price from a friend of mine because he purchased a Canon 5D Mark III.

The T2i and 7D have the exact same sensor, so I'd expect the image size, video size, sensitivity to light, etcBeall. to all be the same. However, the faster focus and more focus points, faster shutter, weather sealing, double the FPS when shooting in RAW, top-facing LCD and 100% viewfinder were impressive upgrades to me.

I've always heard that you should upgrade your glass before upgrading your body, and I am also considering getting a new, expensive lens. I have an inexpensive Canon 50mm f/1.8 and a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8, but am considering getting a 70-200mm f/2.8.

In general - and in this specific case - what should I consider beyond cost and specifications in deciding whether it's worth it to upgrade?

EDIT: Sorry for such a vague question everyone, but I do appreciate everyone's responses. I will be using the camera for "burst rate and the ability to sustain it, better AF, Cheap Christian Louboutin and better high ISO response, "professional controls, and so on, so yes it will be "worth it,

This question would have been better suited for "chat, as I know the technical differences and why I'll be using the 7D, I just wanted to hear some opinions and this website isn't meant for opinions per se.

I just wasn't sure if there was any advice from experts that said "No, I should buy a 4-year old camera, "especially if the sensor is the same between the two cameras, and of the like.

The camera is $1799 CDN with a battery grip ($199 CDN) and will be purchasing it for $1000 CDN.

Hi Brett. I know this is probably a question many users with a T2i have, but this is more of a discussion and not a great fit here. I voted "off topic/not constructive" because of that. The 7D is two models above the T2i, its more expensive and exists for a reason, of course it is a worthwhile upgrade - for those that will take advantage of the upgrades and want to spend the money. Other than that, "hearing similar experiences" is better suited for a chat room(which you are very welcome to join) than this Q format. dpollitt Mar 15 at 19:03

I recently bought a T3i to be a second body along with a 7D; buying a second 7D seemed overkill for what I was using it for. Whether upgrading to the 7D makes sense depends on what you're doing with it.

How often do you hit a situation where you can't get the shot you want because your gear didn't cooperate? Are you shooting situations where a high, sustained burst rate would help get the shot? (like motor sports, birds, running animals, etc?). Are you shooting things where improved Autofocus will help you get shots your missing? Are you running into low-light situations where shots are ruined by high ISO noise?

If neither christian louboutin 70mm of those is true, then upgrading to the 7D probably won't help you a lot. The t2i does a nice job and turns out a quality image in most situations, and in those cases, I'd be wary spending money on an upgraded body. You definitely would benefit from buying upgraded glass, and that might be a better investment.

From a pure money standpoint, though, if you can get the 7D for half list and it's in good shape, that's a really good deal for a used body like that -- and it might make sense to do and sell the T2i, knowing that in a few years, you can probably sell the 7D again and get a good deal off your friend's willingness to part at a good price.

My guess is that since you aren't explaining technical reasons why the 7D would improve your photography, it probably won't. The image improvement between a T2i and a 7D is noticable but not huge, and you'd see more of an improvement upgrading your glass. Unless you need/want a feature the 7D has that the entry level body doesn't, it's hard to justify doing the upgrade -- and IMHO, the big changes between the bodies are burst rate and the ability to sustain it, better AF, and better high ISO response. If any of those are significant in your shooting, then maybe. Otherwise, seriously consider upgrading your lenses first.

Fewer automatic modes. Entry-level cameras typically have a lot of preset modes to choose from whereas pro Fake Christian louboutin models have a range of manual modes (shutter, aperture, etc.) and a full-auto mode. for Canon, the D60) might have a few automatic modes, but far fewer than an entry-level.

Along with fewer automatic settings, pro models generally have fewer step-by-step menu options and more controls. So there's a learning curve to get to know what the controls do, but OTOH once you've done that it's actually easier and quicker to change settings.

I've been a Canon 1-series shooter, so Fake Christian louboutin 1D, 1Ds. My wife prefers a lighter body, so she christian louboutin 100 went 40D, 5D. So I've shot all these cameras, and my experience is that the number of AF points makes a huge difference unless you manually focus everything. The 1-series cameras both outperform the 5D MkII, although the specs on the 5D MkIII are promising. The 7D is far better than the 5D MkII, but not like a 1-series body.

I only bring up the 1-series bodies because these are Canon's pro DSLR bodies. The 5D and 7D are not, although many pros use them. You won't get the consistent 10-12FPS burst rate out of a 7D, whereas you will with a 1Dx

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