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what to pack and what not to pack


My wife and myself are planning to be part of the Lemosho Route trip to Kilimanjaro in Feb 2011. We are keen to know if anybody took anything on this trip that they did not use or once they were on the mountain wish they had taken something which they had left at home.


Steve and Angie Spencer


Hi Steve & Angie

I did Kili via the Northern Route last August/September.  I think the only thing I wish I'd taken is a nailbrush!  Your hands and nails get filthy from the dust and the bits of scrambling you have to do.  You can get your hands clean(ish) but your nails are a real problem.   A good source of info on what to take is in Henry Stedman's book on Kilimanjaro.  I thought this was brilliant.  He's right about taking plenty of chocolates and sugary sweets for you and your fellow climbers! I also found my walking poles, an ipod and a manual charger (for my phone, ipod and camera batteries) godsends.  You won't need many changes of clothes (although give  a clean spare set of clothes to the exodus guide before you start the trek - these will be waiting for you at the hotel when  you finish).  Also something other than your boots (sandals/trainers) gives your feet some relief in camp.  Don't worry if you haven't got a sleeping mat - Exodus will provide you with one (for a small charge).  Travel as light as you can.  I took more spare batteries than I needed but gave them to the porters at the end.  I also took iodine tablets but didn't need them as the porters treat the water for you.  It's a brilliant climb. Tough, but absolutely worth it!  Enjoy every minute.  All 11 of my group made it to the top!




Hi Jackie

 Going in 1 week (arggghhhhh), thanks for advice re nail brush, I hadn't thought of that and will ensure I pack one

Matt Pillinger


Is it worth taking a book or two? Is there any time to do any reading on this trip? Am going in August.


You certainly have time to read if you want to, but we ended up getting to camp and just sat round chatting, then were ready for collapse after dinner. I took a kindle with loads of books downloaded , but hardly read at all. probably worth taking a book though in case everybody else slinks off to read in the afternoons!

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