Where Can Dub Step Music Fans Find Free Dubstep

Where Can Dub Step Music Fans Find Free Dubstep

Dub step is a common misspelling of the musical genre known as Dubstep. Its musical origin is London and it is said to have stemmed from the UK Garage scene and 2-step music. It is commonly believed that it comes from a mix of electronic music that incorporates elements of reggae and Dub as well as other musical aspects such as Drum and Bass an Hip Hop.

How do I know if the music is considered dub or if it only has itWhytes elements?

Some of the main aspects of Dub step or Dubstep music are its minimal beats and heavy bass weight coming from bass lines often called sub-bass. Bass is foremost the main element in most Dub music productions. Many of the bass-lines have a wobble effect that is gives a pulsating movement to the woofer or bass bin that the music is played through. Certain othe tattoo guns r element such as stops or rewinds, placement of odd samples and other techniques are often used in the production as well. The music has some common musical time signatures as well.

When did this music become so popular, I hear about it more and more all the time?

Dubstep became respected and a bit more predominant in in the underground club and rave scene around 2005. It soon began to become more popular with local DJs and a lot of sites began to pop up on the internet devoted to the music and it empowered the scene even further. Many producers started to use and tweek the sound and a very signature sound was soon developed by many local artists .

Is this music considered a new form of music or has it always been around?

To date it is considered by most to be one of the newest forms of music that is widely acknowledged and has fans worldwide from the UK to America. The music is being found in movie soundtracks as well as video games and does not seem to be going away anytime soon. With its growing popularity it makes sense that many people are no searching for Dubstep mixes and free dubstep music online. Many artists like Skream, Benga, Boxcutter and Kode9 have gotten lots of attention from web surfing fans searching for the latest Dubstep remix of a current pop song.

So where can I find all this cool music and download it for free?

Free Dubstep can be found on many social networks including Myspace and on many forums which artists and fans alike flock to for sharing of songs and mixes. Just doing an online search for free Dubstep will undoubtedly deliver many great sites from which to download great music. As with any search for free music goes you will find the good, the bad and the ugly. With Dubstep music all three type of finds will most likely make for an interesting listen.

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