Which type of shoe is best suited?

Hi, anyone on this trip?  Just wanted some advice on clothing, type of shoes to buy etc?

Also I'm travelling from M/chester if anyone else is?

 Cheers Ian


Hi Ian,

 I've found it really useful reading through all the reviews of the trip - and have subsequently bought some waterproof walking trainers with ankle support.  I also plan to get some rubber sandals/water shoes for kayaking and tubing. All very exciting!

I'm coming down from North Yorkshire and am trying to think of best thing to do as flight is so early on the Monday morning...it will no doubt be train and hotel on sunday night - only other option is an overnight coach, but really don't fancy that!

Looking forward to it!



Hi Ian & Hannah,

Can't offer advice on footwear (sorry), but i'm booked on 'the turquoise coast' trip on 25/06/12. I believe the same flights/accommodation as your Lycian activity week, so thought I'd say hello, it's likely we'll meet at some point maybe?

Hannah - I'm flying from Gatwick on the 0750 flight so I'm also considering the various options on what to do i.e. stay nearby on the sunday eve.

Bye for now,



Hi Hannah

Really looking forward to heading to Turkey - never been before... 

Yes, I'm sure we'll all be meeting at some point (in the bar maybe?!).

I've booked into the Gatwick central travellodge the night before - the 7.50 flight is just sooo early when you have to get there 2 hours before...!

See you in the departure lounge!



Hi Hannah & Hannah,

Thanks for your replies, I'm flighting from Manchester and I look forward to meeting up at the other end!

Ps Northern Hannah thanks for the shoe advice!

Save journey


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