White Water in Slovenia

I'm booked on the 15th August departure for Solo travellers, thought I'd say hi and see who else was out to play in the river!

Hi there,

Seems like it's finally getting closer now!  I just hope no-one's an expert canoeist...when I last tried it I was great at going sideways but rubbish at the whole forwards thing...!



Last time I sat in a canoe was about 15 years ago - don't remember being great then and that was on a canal so whitewater could be fun!



I also havn't been in a canoe for about 8 years so looks like we'll all be whitewater beginners together! Not long to go now. This is my first exodus holiday so a little apprehensive, but very much looking forward to it.


..its about my seventh Exodus holiday and they have all been great!  Though only the third when I've been travelling alone, but that last one was good fun :o)  Be nice to have all singletons, my last holiday was full of couples, which although they were all lovely people did make the group a bit strange!


Hi all that are going on the solo trip ,and as for whitewater that will be new to me aswell but thats how we learn in at the deep end lol ,not long to go .


Hi, I have just joined the trip, my first time with Exodus and travelling alone so am a little scared but a lot excited! Does capsising a canadian canoe on a calm lake count as being an expert?  Micky

depends whether the capsizing was intentional or not!

 I've done loads of Exodus or similar trips, a fair few on my own and I've loved all of them.  First time doing a 'solo' trip though - hopefully it'll mean more whole group meals and beers in the evening instead of small huddles of couples:)

Less than a month to go now...!


I am so relieved to read the comments of my felow singleton travellers. I thought you might all be experts. I booked through my Social group SPICE where I know they are usually all beginners at anything and because they didnt get the numbers swithched to this group so wasfeeling  a little apprehensive.

 I have done a bit of kayaking - the most was a weekend on the Welsh coast!! Was fab especially on the first day when the sea was pretty rough and it was probably close to white water!! My first trip too with Exodus and am very excited. Hoping to get some more kayaking in before next month.

I am a lapsed waterskiier too so you could say I am a waterbird.


Anyone want to share travel to and from airport - I am in Twickenham.



Unfortunatly the capsisng was not intentional - shouldn't really have been reaching for a beer!  Anyone travelling down to Gatwick from the Leeds area? Micky


Hi I'm Lisa and leading AVQ at the moment and next week's departure on the 8th.  Anything you need to know then drop me a line. 


Hi Lisa, looking forward to the trip!

Just an update in case anyone was going to reply to sharing travel from Twickenham area - I am now getting a lift from Brighton so can no longer offer travel share.

See you all on 15th!!!

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