Who else is up for this?

Hi everybody!  I have a long history of meeting people I know on Exodus trips, so I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces!

November seems to be ages away, but determined to get some reading in before then.

See you!

Janet x


Hello, I've just booked this trip last week. I will be coming from Australia, so I don't think I will be one of your familiar faces!

Is your reading going to be on Mayan history? I think I should read up on that before the trip.


Hi Leonie!  Looking forward to meeting you in November.  Wow - coming from Australia - and I thought the journey 10 hrs to Dallas then another 3+ to Guatemala City was quite enough.  What a wimp I am!  At the mo I am trying to read a book by Michael D Coe about the Maya, and have got a couple more (inc one about the Maya dynasties) in a pile arrived from Amazon, but don't seem to have found much reading time, what with other commitments.   This book (as yet unread) was recommended by a work colleague:


I'll need to pull my finger out if I'm going to make any dent in it!

Best wishes  - Janet

Anyone who fancies a gentle introduction might like to take a look at the July/August issue of Wanderlust which has a big feature on Mayan sites.  J

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