Who else is on this adventure?

Am joining this trip in Amritsar; am travelling alone on this trip so it would be good to introduce myself beforehand. 


Hi Judy, I'm coming too ! Really looking forward to it . I'm travelling independently from Manchester and will meet you all in Amritsar.

Hi,my daughter and I are flying from Heathrow and look forward to meeting you both!

Hi Val and Jane!  Good to know there are friendly people on this adventure - it makes all the difference.  Yes I am really looking forward to it as well; it's the start of a 5 week India extravaganza - am doing another Exodus trip in Kerala after this one.


How will I keep my packing down to 15kg though...is a 12 pack of Andrex excessive do we think?


Oh yes,we're limited to 15kg on the way out.....but on the way back Im hoping it goes up as there,s no internal flight!So atleast there's scope for shopping! I,m really,really hoping that a 12 pack of Andrex IS excessive!

Am flying out Air India the day before the group flight and the baggage allowance seems to be a massive 46 kg! (Won't be using half of that).when I fly home it's 23kg. Will be packing limited amounts do Andrex all the same


I hadn't thought about the bigger allowance from Delhi. Yes, it gives us some scope for bringing stuff home doesn't it?! Are you ladies taking soft bags with wheels, as Exodus recommends, or normal suitcases? I'll have to borrow a soft bag. I'm also thinking of taking a sleeping bag liner to sleep in. Is that inclining towards OCD do you think??

Re toilet roll, there has to be another solution . Pack of Mansize tissues, perhaps??

I checked with Exodus re above and they say that because the flight originates in Heathrow and ends in Amritsar that it counts as an international flight rather than domestic and that the original allowance(23kg) applies. I was going to use a soft bag with wheels,on the toilet roll front I have found that small packs of tissues work well as they fit in daybag nicely.

I think a robust softer bag with wheels is easier to handle all round so that's what I'm aiming to take. As regards the sleeping bag liner, my experience with Exodus is that the accomodation is good but basic and there are always clean sheets on the beds and a couple of clean towels in the bathroom (never been to India before though!).  Good thinking about the small packs of tissues.  The visa is my next milestone...


Hi, I'm Jane's daughter, Ella. I'm planning to take a rucksack, but pack very lightly so that I can bring home lots! Really hoping we're in one place long enough for me to buy a salwar kameez! Posted my visa yesterday - sounds like I should be stocking up on tissues now... :)

Goodness - you're onto the visa quickly!  I think in one of the reviews it said that the guide was very helpful in sorting someone out for a salwar kameez.  Think I may induge also!


Great advice going on here, thanks everyone.
I'm finding out what is a shalwar kameez in order to ascertain whether I need one as well. There are bound to be all sorts of things that I need but didn't realise.
A friend working in India a few years ago came home with a beautiful designer leather handbag / brief case . It'd be nice to a market or whatever in Delhi if time allows.

Hi ladies (and anyone else on this trip).  Have got the visa, bought a holdall on wheels, jabs up to date. How are you all doing?  Looking forward to meeting you all in person.

Hi all,yes,nearly ready now!Got the Joining Instructions e-mail yesterday and have just worked out how to print it off. No luggage tags as yet though. Hoping the guest houses/hotels supply toilet roll! See you all soon.



Hi fellow travellers. We are a couple and will be flying out from New Zealand to Delhi.  We will meet you all on the first afternoon at the Amritsar hotel.

Looking forward to enjoying the trip and meeting you all .

Glad to hear from you all.  I should arrive at Mrs Bandhari's guesthouse on Saturday afternoon, so I have some time on my own but will see you all at the group meeting on Sunday afternoon.  If anybody is arriving early as well search me out!

Safe journey everybody. 

Looking forward to it, see you on the Sunday.

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