Who else is up for Adventure in Zambia?

Hi there to all off for an adventure in Zambia in four weeks time.  Write back and let us know you are joinig us, if not we look forward to seeing you in Lusaka on the 9 October.

Helen and David


I`ll be flying in from Canada via London arriving Oct 8. So I`ll either see you at Eureka Camp that night or the next morning when the group arrives. Should be fun. Looking forward to it. It`s 30C today in Lusaka.



Hi George,

Good to hear from you. David and I are travelling to Lusaka from Newcastle via Heathrow, arriving early morning on Saturday 8 October and staying at Eureka that night. We had heard that there were "others" also arriving on our flight and sharing the transfer so maybe this is you? Looking forward to the adventure (though making the most of a comfortable bed while I have it!). Getting acclimatised to the heat as 28 C in UK today!

See you next week. Let us know if you've time to kill at Heathrow and we can meet up for a coffee.


I am indeed going to be taking the same BA flight as you on Oct 7/8. I arrive in Fri at 06:00 AM  and plan to spend the day kicking around London. I will be back to Heathrow by 17:00 so we can definitely meet up before the flight. Our weather has turned here and while it was 15 today it is going to be much cooler by the weekend. I am certainly looking forward to the 30C temps in Lusaka. I just came back from my final Canadian camping trip of the year so I am all prepped and ready to go.



George,  Have a good trip to London, unfortunately the weather has turned and it's not looking so good for Friday.  Not sure what you're planning to do but I can recommend the British Museum if it's wet - went there for the first time myself last month and it's full of amazing artefacts from around the world that we Brits have plundered over the years!

We will be in Heathrow on Friday from approx 3 pm so hopefully we can meet up - send us an email on [email protected], either on the day or in advance and we can give you a mobile number to text on to let you know where we are.

 Happy travels, Helen & David





 It's funny, I was actually planning to go to the British Museum. It's been a few years since I last went and there's a good pub nearby as well for lunch. I 'm afraid that I don't have a cell phone but look for a guy wearing a Canada shirt with short red hair and a beard. That should be distinctive! I should be in the lounge between 4 & 5:00 depending how caught up I get in the museum (I'm bad at lingering in museums).

As for the weather it's 2C right now going up to 15c in Ottawa but Lusaka is calling for 28C on Saturday. Zambia definitely has Canada beat. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.



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