Who else is booked for this trip?

We are travelling from Canada. This is our second trip with Exodus.



When we signed up in June we (Hilaria and I) were the only people on the trip. Happily it looks like there will be a "full house". Much as we enjoy each other's company it will be great to share the experience with others. Love to know who else will be on the trip and why you choose Sri Lanka.

It was a simple decision for us - 30 above versus 30 below.



we are escaping the Lake District in the UK for the warmer hills of Sri Lanks.

Spent a couple of days here in 1999 and enjoyed, nice to find a non-beach base trip here.

Just done the Visa/ETA for Sri Lanks - not a hassle - confirmed within a few minutes.

Robert & Pat 


Thanks for the reply

Good to hear that you have been there and decided to return. That is always a good sign. There are warm weather walking holidays much closer to western Canada than Sri Lanka but we decided it would take a small risk and venture a little further afield.

Appreciated the reminder to get visas.

Snow and minus 9 here. Looking forward to January.

Tony & Hilaria


As of yesterday there was exactly one month before we leave for the first leg of our trip to Sri Lanka. Coincidently, a hamlet a few kilometres south of where we live recorded the coldest temperature on Earth for that day. Minus 40, at least in December, is rare even for our neck of the woods. Needless to say a little heat and humidity made tolerable by a cold beer at the end of the day sounds pretty appealing right now.

Looking forward to the trip.

Wonder how big our party is going to be.

Spent this pm looking at smaller rucksacks for this holiday which will meet Sri Lanka airlines small hand luggage size limit.

Robert & Pat Lake District UK


Hello Robert and Pat

 We will be meeting up with the group at the airport in Sri Lanka on January 12.  We are spending a couple of days in Europe to break up the flight and flying into SL on January 11.  The agent here in Edmonton said he would ask the group leader to keep an eye out for us.

When we did this on another Exodus trip we had to find the tour leader in the airport.  Not a big deal, but could have potentially caused a delay.  In any case if we are not there immediately would you mind mentioning to the leader that we are scheduled to meet up with the group and are probably somewhere in the vicinity?   

 I am sure we will be there before your flight arrives (UL 504- January 12- 13:00). 

Judging by the weather in the UK I am sure you will be just as happy to get away as us.  Safe flight. Looking forward to meeting you.


Thanks Tony 


Hi Tony

Okay, maybe Exodus would give you a mobile number for the tour leader ?

Robert & Pat Lake District UK


Good thought. Will send a request.



We are also on the trip, traveling from sunny (at the moment) North Norfolk.

We haven't been to Sri Lanka before looking forward to the trip, and some

winter sun.

See you all soon Tim and Mary 


Have just tried to "manage my booking" with SriLankan Airlines and found that the booking reference didnt work  ( it did a couple of months ago)!

Contacted the airline and they told me the booking system has just been uograded and gave me a new Booking Reference which worked. Anyone else had this problem ?

The upgraded site also gave me an e-ticket number ( starting with 603) which I hadnt had previously.

Robert & Pat Lake District UK

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