Who else is on Cape Town to Vic Falls - 2nd/3rd Oct?!


It is a few months away yet... but who else is on the above trip?!



Booked the last place 2 weeks ago - hi Tim!


Hi Jo,

Good to see someone else on here... think I took the second last place!

Have you been on any Exodus trips before? I went on the Delhi to Kathmandu trip last year - which was amazing. If this trip is anywhere near as good as that that, it will be fantastic! 



Hi there,

 Myself and my partner Gary are booked on this trip - looking forward to it and to meeting everyone too! 


Hi Isla and Gary -

Good to hear from you... the trip is starting to sneak up a bit now... less than 10 weeks to go...

About time I should check out the doctors to see what jabs are needed !



Sorry for late reply, only been back on here today.  

 Was just thinking about jabs myself today............ have you found out what you need yet?  I went to South Africa last year and had jabs then (hep A and yellow fever) but think I need to get boosters done.  Do you know if any others are required for botswana and namibia.

 Trip date is getting very close now - exciting!!


 Sorry for my slow reply too.... saw your message a week or so ago but have been a but busy!

Just signed upto a new site called MyVaccs for recording travel jabs etc.. Looks to be quite good as you can compare where you are going with your jabs once you have entered them. Also the http://www.fitfortravel.scot.nhs.uk/home.aspx is good too.

On MyVaccs they suggest Hep A, Typhoid, tetanus, Typhoid for Namibia and Botswana. Which is pretty much what I was advised by the nurse at my doctors surgery. I was lucky - no jabs this time as I had them already!

I am just sorting out Malaria tabs, having been recommended Malarone by the nurse. Unfortunately this is a Private Prescription job and they are pretty pricey, but advantage is that you only need to start a day before entering Malaria area and carry on for a week when you leave the Malaria zone, also less side effects apparently....  I think that Superdrug is cheapest at £2.10 each tab (according to their website) However as I am in Zambia for a while after the Exodus tour, I need about 6 weeks supply...

The nurse also suggested some antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin - also Private Prescription) for Travellers Diarrhoea to have on hand just in case. Although a quick google reveals they are much cheaper, so sounds like a good plan! 

Hope your preparations are going well.




 Yes, they sound pretty much like the jabs that I've had done.  I've got Doxycyline malaria tabs, I took them last year and didn't have any problems and they're cheaper than the other I was recommended (Malarone I think?) 30p per tablet as opposed to £3 but you do have to take them for 4 weeks after you've left the malarial area.

 Have you sorted Visas in advance or are you doing it on entry?  I think we're going to do it on entry. 

Well, 2 weeks on Saturday........!!!


Yes I will pick up my Visa's on the fly too... doesn't look to be any problems doing that (I hope).

I would say I will see you at Heathrow, but I am flying out a few days early to meet up with a friend (from Jo'burg) in Cape Town. I leave a week Tuesday, but still a fair bit to sort out. 

If not before then - hope everyone has a safe flight /flights see you at CT Airport!



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