Who Else is Cycling Cuba?

We are Brian and Yvonne and are looking forward to cycling Cuba. Who else is going?


Looking forward to meeting you and Yvone.  I am from Canada and have done a few cycling trips before...  Culture, cycling and sunshine-


Whoops, an intro with my name might be appropriate!

My wife and I went on this trip in November last year and had the most fantastic time. The country is stunningly beautiful and you'll be amazed at how, despite everything, the whole place seems to work somehow. It certainly puts our cushy Western lives in some perspective. 

The people of Cuba are extremely friendly and you'll soon be waving and should Ola! to everyone.

Make sure you go dancing in Trinidad (at the bottom of the steps) and the Casa de Trova in pretty much any of the towns. Don't be afraid to go "off piste" from the group in the evenings - we found some reallly great bars and restaurants.

Keep some energy in reserve for Day 9 ... that hill is an absolute killer !!


Have fun 


of encouragement and information about the trip.  It is nice to hear from others who have been before!!

Where's your next adventure?



Hi. My wife, Elizabeth, and I will be joining you in Havana.  Anxious to get away from the Rain Coast for a few weeks in the sun. Haven't done much cycling since summer so definitely jumping into the deep end this time. Due to full flights we will be going 3 days early so if anyone else is arriving before 18th look us up at the trip hotel. Look forward to meeting you.


Well - it looks like there are 5 of us as a minimum, so look forward to seeing you all in Havana at the weekend. Also looking forward to some warmer weather!

Brian and Yvonne

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