Who else is dog sledding in Finland departing 22 Jan 2012?

Hello! Is anyone else going dog-sledding in Finland departing 22 January 2012. My husband and I are booked to go, and we are so looking forward to it. We haven't dog-sledded previously. We did book to do a day of sledding in the Pyrenees in France last January, but the lack of snow meant that we did a day of 'cani-rando' instead (that is, go running with a dog! Absolutely hilarious, as you are tethered to a very excited husky by a belt around your waist!). I expect there will be no shortage of snow in northern Finland in January!  ;-)

We are keeping our fingers crossed for an appearance by the Northern Lights too.





Hi Lee,

Thanks for the webcams of Finland. It is great fun to have a peek at the surrounds. But yes, as you noted, no snow..! But we have time....there is nearly three months of winter before our departures so hopefully there will be lots of snow for our sledding trips.  Fingers crossed!

I see no-one has responded to your trip either....given the group size is up to 7 people, and both trips are closed, there must be others out there who just haven't checked-in to the Compass Cafe yet.

Cheers, Katrina 


Hi Katrina,


Thanks for the reply, someone has got back to my original thread now so I'm glad its not just me :)  I'm still watching those webcams..... come on snow!




I'm one. Looking forward to meeting you and hubby. I haven't done dog-sledding before either. Can't wait!

Cheers, Simon


Hi Simon, It is great to hear from someone else going on the trip!

However, I am very worried about the trip now, as we just received the final joining details and the flights out of England into Finland are totally different to the flights we were provided on our confirmation advice. As a result, as we live in France and had to sort out flights into England to joing the group, we have flights and accommodation booked at Gatwick airport, as per the original advice, and yet today we have been told that the flights are out of Heathrow! What advice have you been given and when about the flights? Did you know they were out of Heathrow, and if so when did you receive that advice? I am curious to find out why we were never advised of any change. Exodus is hoping to sort this out for us somehow next week....and we leave in 8 days time.....talk about not a great way to start a holiday! I just hope we are still able to make it. I have been looking forward to this since I booked it 7 months ago....



Just in case anyone else was confused by the situation, the flights ARE ex of Heathrow. Clearly they were changed between July and August of last year, and we were not updated with the amended flight details. However, Exodus has been fantastic and have organised transfers for us from Gatwick to Heathrow, and accommodation at Heathrow ahead of departing on the trip. This is a great outcome. So now we are just counting down the days until the departure. We went to watch a few stages of 'La Grande Odysee', an 11-stage sledding race in the French alps. It was very inspiring.


Marion here.  I had my connecting flights etc sorted for Gatwick and didn't find out till a couple of weeks ago. However, it was all sorted in no time by Exodus.  The final, final joining instructions state that our accommodation for the first night in Finland has changed as well I see.  I have contacted Exodus to ask about our luggage that was supposed to be stored at the hotel on the first night, and have been informed that the luggage can be stored at the log cabins instead.  Looking forward to our adventure and meeting everyone.  Not long now!

Bon Voyage, Marion

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