Who else is going?!

Hello! Just wondered who else is going on this trip... am already looking forward to it, shame it is still quite a way off!


Hi Charlotte - I'll be joining you on the trip. The landscape looks amazing and like you I'm looking forward to going.


Hi I am also going and can't wait. I went to Jordan last October and spent 1/2 day in Wadi Rum - had to go back again to stay overnight to see the stars. It is wonderful! 



I'm going on this trip but not until October 31st so look forward to hearing all your comments! It sounds a really good trip and hope you all have a great time



Hi, I am also heading on this trip. I have never been South of Italy before so this represents something of a departure for me - I cannot wait to be out in a desert landscape, some of the photos make it look beautiful.


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