Who else is going


This will be my first holiday alone and since we are all single travellers I thought it might be nice to chat a bit before we go?

I'm lookinf forward to it



Hi Joanne,

Me too. I'm counting down the weeks. I haven't done one of these holidays before but I know quite a few people who have and they've all had a great time.



just booked unfortunately too late to get on the group flight so am flying with iberia via madrid so wil meet you all at the hotel


Hi All,

This will be my 3rd holiday with Exodus and the others were superb,  so really looking forward to this one as well.

 Alan, I don't think you'll be alone. I booked a couple weeks ago, before they'd even started counting down the available places, and they couldn't get me on the group flight. I got them to change my flight to Air France though as it means I can then join the group transfer from Havana airport.



Is anyone from London - just wondered if anyone wanted to meet for a drink before we go to get to know each other?



afraid i even miss the group transfer as do not arrive at havana untill 21.10 but as long as the bar is still open when i get to hotel as will poss need a rum after the long flight lol.


First Exodus trip for me.Went to Havana 2001 look foward to meeting you all and seeing more. 


Folks, I live in Herts. Think I was the last one to join the trip - there was only one place going when I booked. And, yes I was told there was a problem with the Virgin flight, like they wanted a £800 supplement for the return trip. The alternative was to fly via Madrid both ways. My solution was to stay on in Havana for a few extra days, no flight supplement, travelling out with the group returning via Virgin. Seemed a good solution to me. Ciao, Peter


Am happy to meet for a rum in London to get into the swing of things. Maybe, the other side of Christmas?  Peter


Hi, also getting excited about the trip, and also flying with iberia- wasn't able to take the couple of extra days off work unfortunately to go with virgin on the later flight.

Look forward to seeing y'all, and presume we'll share a taxi to the hotel, alan,


hi helen, i have booked a taxi to hotel thru exodus so no doubt you can jump in aswell, will have to look out for another exodus luggage label on the plane  lol


counting down the days now, starting to get excited lol, still trying to work out how much cash to take as dont like the idea of walking round with loads of cash but needs must i suppose, see you all soon.


Putting a packing list together, now turning into a shopping list - need some anti - mossie cream, also hear taking Vitamin B1 (ie yeast) is good for keeping insects away. Not sure about money either, maybe work it out from the number of cocktails per day. Gather that £5 changed to MN should suffice for the whole time. Hear bills can come in CUC + MN ie meal in CUC and beer in MN. Hole in the wall machines seem to be rare and hidden away, but you only need the odd one. A friend went last year and took travellers cheques.  Is anyone else staying on in Havana ?  

 See you all soon


hope the shoppings gone well  lol,  looks like it could be a game of find the atm.  


Also getting excited now and probably doing too much shopping in preparation.

Think I'm going to take a fair bit of cash as they suggest, although agree that it'll feel risky to be carrying around cash, but have atm's/ credit cards as possible back up.  

Alan- I also asked for a taxi with exodus- looking at the trip notes presume that's one of the queueing in the airport ones, rather than the more expensive meet you at the gate- guess we'll see each other at the luggage area with our lovely exodus tags and queue together? 

Looking forward to the 1st rum in the bar and seeing y'all, h 


hi helen, apparently  i have to go to a desk at the airport and give them my name and the cab should be booked, fingers crossed.

I should be at heathrow about 9 ish in the bar waiting for the flight.


Not long to go now! I'm on the Virgin Atlantic flight and assume that a mini-bus will take us to the Hotel so I guess I'll catch up with you all at the airport.Should be fun.     Nick


well thats work now finished with for a while, nite out tonite with the lads then a day of packing before the big day lol, see you all soon.


Hi Alan- I think the flight's from gatwick for us- i'll double check but see you on one of the flights or so I guess  :)


Hi Helen, My Iberia flight is from Heathrow T3 at 12.15pm and then from Madrid at 17.00 arriving in Havana at 21.10. You made me panic as have booked a coach to Heathrow so had to double check myself, but my final joining instructions definatley says Heathrow.


Was a really great holiday with excellent company. So good to meet you all. My last 3 days in Havana were mainly spent in bars and cafes though I did fit in the 2 art galleries. Also found a little privately run restaurant off the Old Square - little like they only had 3 tables but served the biggest pork steak I have ever seen and a huge rum ( I forgot to say 'when' ).  Adios, Peter

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