Who else is going?

Hello to anyone also doing this trip. Would love to say hi before we leave.



Hello All,

I am really looking forward to the trip and counting down the four weeks to go! I have just been tangling with the visa application so it does feel a bit closer now. I am on the Manchester filght to Helsinki and then Helsinki to Bejing - any one else out there doing this route??



Hi Sue,

Good to hear from someone else who is travelling. I wasn't able to get on the group flight, i'm flying to Amsterdam then Beijing. I think i land about 3 hours before you guys so i will meet you at the airport. This is my first time travelling with Exodus and my first trip alone. really looking forward to it now. Countdown has begun!



That Visa application was a struggle! Im going from B'ham to Dubai then onto Beijing. Dont think anyone else will be on my flights. My final joining details tell me I arrive Beijing on flight EK306 at 15:10 hope to find you assuming my visa gets back in time!!

Hello All,

It's less than two weeks to go now!!! ;)
Is any one else doing the Heathrow -> Helsinki -> Beijing  route?



As you say not long to go now - looking forward to the trip and meeting you all eventually. I will be travelling from Manchester to Helsinki with Pam so hope to meet up with anyone travelling that route. Never been this far before or for this long so looking forward to it all. Seems its going to be very hot except for the mountain which makes packing tricky. Anyone got any tips for this trip?



That visa application was something else, John i got my visa back within  5 days, so you shouldn't have a problem.

Am very excited now, only 11 days to go!! really looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing China.

Anthony, i know the feeling about packing,i am concious of the reveiws from previous trips saying that you should travel light. I am finding that a problem in itself.

Roll on 21st August....

I feel your pain on the visa front. They held on to my passport for two weeks and restricted my visa to the dates of the trip. I'm a journalist so this was to be expected (though trip is purely tourism). But it was a pain in the backside.

Hope there are some lawyers and estate agents coming so I'm not the only one to experience widespread public disgust! 

I'm on the Gatwick flight via Helsinki.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Chums who've been before say wet wipes are the key to a satisfactory China experience.

Now, back to the riots.


Hello All,

Its great that its now so close to take off. The visa came back OK - it wasn't straightforward but I guess it was an initiative test!. We seem to be using a wide variety of routes to get to Bejing - so I suggest it will be 'spot the exodus travel tag' on the hand luggage to find each other at the various airports!  Has anyone any advice about getting currency when we get there - is it easy and best to wait and take sterling? - I was going to venture into the Bank of China in Manchester to have some currency before we go - but its become a bit tricky in that area of town right now.  Looking forward to meeting you all and to sharing a fantastic adventure. Only 7 more work days to go ...and counting!SueW2006

I've exchanged sterling to yuans at Marks & Spencer's already (following advice of my friend from Hong Kong who claimed that hotels in Beijing will not give decent rates) I'm not sure if that is going to be the case (I haven't really looked for opinion elsewhere).

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