Who else is going?

Hi, There seems to be lots of forums on here but none for this one - Just wondered who else is going on this trip? not sure how many are in the group...

 Made a list of things to take so am in the process of ticking them off since there is only a couple of weeks to go.




Hi - nice to know there's at least one other person going.  I'm a bit uneasy about preparations, as I'll only get back to London on Wednesday 17th evening and I'm catching the Friday 19th flight.  So Thursday will be frantic, I fear, trying to locate all the things I haven't been able to order by mail.

This is my first Exodus trip, so no idea what to expect.  Are there any old Exodus hands around to offer advice?


Hi Deb, Providing my regional flights are sorted out I will be meeting you either at Heathrow or Kathmandu. My main concern is increasing my fitness level to cope with the trek but that is always the case. You never feel that you are fit enough. Hopefully this trip will be as good/better than the previous exodus trips I have been on. I have not started to put my gear together yet but I do know that I need a 4 season sleeping bag.

Regards  Trev


Hi Trev and Deb

Nice to know there's someone going who knows their way around.  What's your definition of fitness, Trev - what's your training regime?  I'm afraid all I'm able to do at present is 40 mins on a treadmill at 15% incline and 20 mins on a stepper - doesn't feel like enough, really.

What's your advice on things like poles, first-aid kit etc, either of you?  Having a long-standing habit of taking everything including a (small) kitchen sink, I'm trying to go against the grain and not take things I can do without ...

 See you in a couple of weeks,



Hi All,

I am also on this trip.

I am going out a day early as I couldn't get on the regular flight, so I'll see you all in Kathmandu.

I'm just going through my packing list now. Has anyone come up with useful items to take on this kind of trip which are not mentoned on the usual lists?  I almost always discover something I wish I'd brought.



Hi, all

we'll be with you too: and much looking forward to it. The packing is starting now, it takes awhile..... We've been to Nepal before, but not to the Annapurna region.Dextrosol a must for me, to get me up those hills! And a journal, memory of a goldfish, sadly. See you all soon Susie (and Gary)


I wouldn't go without them....



glad to see more people logging in.

Some things not on the list - I read on the review about a face mask or scarf as the dusk can cause sore thoats and a lot of locals wear them, a friend of mine who has been before also recommended flip flops for showers, loo roll, poles, plenty of memory cards, a stretchy washing line and something useful to give to the porters at the end.

Chris - we are also getting there a day earlier that everyone else - catching the flight at heathro on Thurs at about 9pm Jet Airways. Are you on that one?





Sadly I'll not be joining you all next week ...

 My father died last week and we have the funeral on Thursday and a fair bit to do to follow up.  I'm really sorry to be missing the event, and I wish you all the very best.  Have a great time and greet the hills from me when you get to the Thorong La.



Thanks for the suggestion list. There were a couple of things I hadn't thought of.


I'm going out of Heathrow at 20.30 on Thursday on Quatar Airways. Arr.Kathmandu 17.30 next day. If that lines up with your arrival time and there was a simple way to rendezvous I'd be happy to share a taxi. But it's a long shot I suppose. Hope to see you in the hotel though.


Chris Skrimshire

Anne Gaskell

Looking forward to meeting you all in person. We are flying via Delhi, should get into Kat about the same time as the Exodus flight so will meet you there. We have done several Exodus trips and really like their style. Re fitness, for this sort of thing it's 80% motivation and 20% fitness :-)

Poles are a must for us - and wet wipes :-)

Good luck with your packing. Anne and Vince Gaskell



Chris - checked the flight details and we are getting to Kathmandu at 14.45 so will see you at the hotel.



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