who else is going?

Hiya, just wondering who else is going on this trip? it's my first holiday on my own so would be nice to know some names of fellow travelers. I know the trip is now fully booked....getting excited.

Hi Lea31 we're Nigel and Margaret Eaton from Leamington Spa who are also booked on the trip. We have been to Costa Rica once before with a different company but only covered the first half of the Exodus trip. We loved the country - this time though we will take decent waterproofs!

hi nigel and margaret, good to hear of others on the trip. ive never been to costa rica so going by what i have read, what type of water proofs are you taking? any other tips would be great.

Hi Lea, we really loved Costa Rica when we went there four years ago - it's such a beautiful country and the wildlife and birds are amazing. Although we went during the officially dry season (February), we found that it still rained on most days in the more jungly areas - though the rain never lasted for long, and within minutes there would be a brilliant blue sky again. This time I'm taking a mac-in-a-sack and a waterproof hat and I'm hoping that should be sufficient. On our previous trip some people wore waterproof trousers and ponchos so they were very well protected during any sudden rain showers. Please feel free to contact us again if you think of any other questions. Cheers for now, Margaret


Good to be warned about the rain. Makes me wonder about taking short wellies rather than summer walking boots. Wonder if there are leeches dying for a feed? I always carry an umbrella even in the mountains however silly it might look  - useful as a sunshade also. I'm also a lone traveller this time, Lea, and have always had a happy time with Exodus groups. (Another) Margaret, from Canterbury.

hiya Margaret, nice to hear from another lone traveller, I'm going on the group flight...any others? I'm also going to take an umbrella as thought it would be good for going short distances in a downpour, Leanne.

When we were in Costa Rica there weren't any leeches at all in the jungle parts we visited - though we didn't go to the Pacific side of the country so I don't know if it's the same there too. We'll also be travelling on the group flight, so we'll look out for you at Heathrow! Margaret (from Leamington Spa)


Sorry, I'm not capable of getting myself out of bed early enough for the group flight so am going a day early leaving HR at 10.30 and hoping to catch up a bit on jet lag before the fun starts. I'm lucky enough to be retired though it would be even luckier to be really young again. Margaret (Cant.)


Hi , this pre- trip communicating is new to us but happy to try it out ! Terry ( Husband ) and I have not been to Costa Rica before but I am very excited to see the birds, flowers and other wild life-hence the trip ! I also love the cloud forest and the jungle atmosphere and we have travelled with Exodus a number of times previously , including South America as well as with 1 other similar travel company . We will be leaving from Heathrow -travelling down to London the night before from Manchester -so see some of you then .

We wish you all a very happy xmas and new year and no doubt will be on line again before we go - I am not taking wellies ( too much luggage space !) and will take my walking shoe trainers and my Tiva's !! umbrella always !! not just for rain - although lots of lodges have umbrellas for guests . Karen ( Bolton Lancs )


Karen, please tell me about your Tivas (or Tevas?).  I've looked for them on the web and see there are both shoes and sandals.  I guess you recommend them?  Margaret (Canterbury).

hiya karen and terry, nice to hear some more names, will hopefully see u both at heathrow. im also really looking forward to the cloud forest and cant wait to spot some new wildlife.



Hi Margaret

We have both had tiva sandals for years and now on second pair .they can be worn anywhere and we have even worn last pair in the sea , climbing rocks etc . We have never tried tiva shoes but we do have walking trainers that you can wear on treks etc - not that we do these anymore with our knees and backs !! But they save taking our bigger walking boots for this kind of trip .

I can't believe it is only 4 weeks away now - it will be just wonderful I am sure and pleased we have others who have been in the country before to give us ideas etc on what to see .


hey guys only 4 weeks to go, getting excited now, just had the new flights sent throught to me, looks like we will be sat at miami airport for 4 hours. is there any others out there joining us on the trip???


Thanks, Karen, for your advice on Tiva sandals  -  I found some with difficulty (wrong season).  Looking forward to the off!  Margaret.

We,ve just received our flights and we are flying via Madrid. I'm surprised the group has been split - maybe they couldn't get everyone onto one flight. So we have a 7.25 departure from Heathrow = VERY early departure from home. The good news is that we have a short stay in Madrid. So we won't be meeting up with some of you on the flight but look forward to seeing you all in San Jose.


Hi everyone

Terry and I are leaving from Heathrow but now with a different airline- American Airlines via Miami ! Just been in Florida with work and it was very cold ! Have updated my ESTA visa -and Terry doing his tomorrow . Our flight is 11.25am - but we are travelling down from Manchester on Friday , staying over and travelling to airport first thing . I like to have a good rest before a long trip like this one !

Good that you only have short stay in Madrid though . Leanne how are you travelling out ? Look forward to meeting everyone -not sure how many others on the trip ? I re-read the trip notes again and very excited !! See you in San Jose !

Apparently 8 people are flying with Iberia and 4 via Miami - so 12 people in total on our trip? Can't wait! Margaret & Nigel

so we have been split up then, I am getting dropped off at heathrow a few hours before so not too bad, I only live 1 1/2 hours from airport, so hopefully will meet up with Karen and Terry at airport (I will be the one looking lost LOL). need to go through things to take list to double check what I need, will prob end up taking everything I dont need.


Hi there,

We are Brian and Rita and are visiting C. America for the first time having done several Exodus trips to Africa. We are flying BA (hopefully) to Miami then joining the group for the flight to San Jose with AA. Hope we take the right footwear and raingear from the advice! See you all at Miami airport! Brian & Rita.


Hi All
We are Paul and Tina and been on a number of Exodus trips in the past, this will be our first time to Costa Rica and are looking forward to the trip very much, we cant believe its now only 2 weeks to go! This is the first time we have used this pre-trip communication and is nice to have an idea of who we will be sharing the trip with and we look forward to meeting you all.  
On the flight side of things we are going with Iberia, and are booked on a (slightly painful) 6.30am flight to Madrid (from Heathrow) and thus have a couple of hours to kill in Madrid before picking up the San Jose flight - which I believe quite a few of you will be on. So maybe we will meet some of you there!
Paul and Tina

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