Who else is going on this trip?

So excited about this trip! Anybody else?

Hi Nina

I'm going on this trip - are you flying out from Gatwick? I have to fly from Luton as it was a late booking. Really excited about the trip but worried about the heat!



Hi there, I'm potentially interested in signing up for this trip but I'm concerned about a couple of issues

1. the heat

2. the mix of people in the team....are you mostly young and british? I'm a grown up spanish woman....

Thanks for your insight


Hi there,

I'm a very grown up woman - mid 40's in fact so I shouldn't worry about your age! I've found previous groups to be very mixed. The last trip I did to Europe with Exodus there were 2 South Africans, 2 Americans and 3 people from Belgium so I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem - you could always ask the Exodus team if you are worried.

With regard to the heat, the trip is fully supported and the back up vehicle is never more than 15 minutes away - so I'm told! I hope I won't need to use it but if I need to, I will!



Hi there - I am going on the trip . Looking foward to it though I agree the heat could be a challenge !




I'm getting very excited. I actually land in Istanbul on the 9th. Will tour around for a couple of weeks before the trip. Heading to Eastern Turkey after spending a few days in Istanbul.

Oh-and I'm a 39 year old Canadian woman if you're still concerned about age!


Look forward to meeting you on the trip Nina and David too!

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