Who else is heading to Finland?

Ive booked myself on this trip. Looks like a great laugh. Not sure whether to bring lots of my own cold weather gear or just the basics as described in the Trip notes. What are others doing?

Yey! It worked. I am spurred on with only two weeks to go and have been on the treadmill this morning.  Ankles are really stiff, but that's only to be expected at my age!!


That could be the kick up the backside I need to pull the Xtrainer back out!  Note I say could...

I'm in training too, I've bought myself a crate of beer mmmmmmbeeeeerr.....

Im not doing any training as im supposed to be doing a marathon next Sunday and I need a rest :-). Have a nice weekend everyone!

It's Pete D Snowman's birthday party tomorrow so there will be beer training followed by a period of rest.

If you think it's cold here today, it will be minus 10 in Ruka on Friday.  Best we get used to it!

As Billy Connelly would say 'there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing'. Famous last words from me as I shiver in my igloo!


Got shed loads of training in over the weekend gallons of beer later I feel ready to take on the world, I like the idea of training for a marathon by resting I will be ready to do one by Thursday if thats the form.

 as for silly hats I will probably pass the required standard with njust my hair but I shall make an effort and look sillier still.

Beware five foot and fiesty silly hatted peole in the bar, expect the unexpected.


Hi - only just noticed this thread existed!

I'm on the trip too - looking forwards to messing about in the snow for a week and hopefully seeing the Northern Lights.

I too was planning on a duty free raid and Gatwick and possibly some sort of smuggling into the bar operation ;)

Looking forward to meeting you!


Better late than never is what I say!  I watched the latest round of the World Ski Jump Championship from Ruka on Sunday - looked lovely!  Spoke to 3 people in the last two days who've been to Finland and all I can say is..... smoked Rudolph!!!!


Yup, I've suddenly found lots of people have been to Finland, and as yet haven't heard a bad word about it - they all rave about what a nice place it is! Poor Rudolph does appear to be a menu regular though...

I suppose I should start thinking about exchanging some currency. Has anyone worked out how much we're likely to need?

Hello Robert - are you another Gatwick-er?

I think i'll take 200 euros, which will probably be overkill but they are always usefull. I remember reading in the trip notes that we can use cards for optional excusions, which might be the biggest expense. I've always had to cater for tips on trekking trips, so I guess there might be some of that also.


Yeah, that's about what I was thinking I suppose. A visit to the bank tomorrow then. I've just renewed my Teach Yourself Finnish library book/cd although not entirely sure why - haven't looked at it for a month...  Good intentions and all that.

Same here Jo. Huppa Huppa is enough I think :-)

We have to buy our lunch each day which I think was about 10 Euros according to the trip notes. If that's at the hotel I think I'll add it to the bill with anything else, otherwise I think I have about 200 euros left over from summer that I will be taking.

I've just bought a huge new holdall to take - but am thinking it might be too big now!  Will know at the weekend when I start to get my winter kit out how much I need to pack.

I have an old exodus kit bag that im taking which is quite large (about 80-90 litres I think), but im not too bothered.  Should be quite light though as it will be full of fleeces :-)


This time next week.... Can't wait!!!


Me too! Getting quite over-excited now. For once, I am the envy of my colleagues - they all want to come too! Well, except for one 'voice of doom' bloke who pictured the happy scenario where my frozen body is discovered in 50 years' time, perfectly preserved in a bloated red snowsuit beneath my self-made igloo. I felt obliged to give him a good kicking.

Perhaps a better outcome than still sitting next to him in 50 years time??

Wrestling with the Christmas tree and trying to prepare for a meeting this pm, but 6 days and counting.  Found Pete a silly christmas hat with but not sure he's going to go for the Breunhilda look!


Not sure that I fancy looking like any Hilda as I recall the only one I knew of was Hilda Ogden and she wore rollers all day every day. has anyone decided on the optional extra's as yet I fancy a bit of ice climbing and poss downhill skiing, dog sledgeing sounds fun too. Should we set up a takeaway bar to avaoid unnecessary duplication, I can take almost anything that has ethanol content.

looking forward to meeting you all soon  


Yeah, I'm flying from Gatwick - guess we all are? Can't imagine there are too many airports in the UK that fly to Kuusamo...

Can I just check with you guys that we don't need to bring cold weather gear (other than something warm to wear to / from the camp) even if we plan to sleep one night in the Igloo? Reading the dossier it says all the clothes, gear etc. that we need is provided....

Anyone planing on trying to photograph the Northern Lights? Anyone have any tips on how best to do so?

Not long to go at all now, looking forwards to it and meeting you all.

I'm only taking normal clothing plus a base layer, couple of fleeces and hoodies.  Everything else I'm going to rely on to get locally.

 I will definately be snowmobiling, plus I might go for the ice climbing and dog sledding.  I cant ski so you wont see me on the slopes :)

From what I can make out snowshoeing, cross country skiing, wilderness skills and dogsledding are all included in the trip. The optional activities are ice climbing/reindeer safari (I know which one im up for out of those and it aint got a red nose!) and skiing/snowmobiling on the day in Ruka. Im quite looking forward to some free afternoons where you can head out on your own on snowshoes or cross country skis. I hope they have gps or a long piece of string!

I see there is also a full day husky safari as an option, my mistake. A bit chingey at 270 euros though.

Well here's my input. I'm gonna take my own thermals, an extra pair of outdoor trousers in case i've got their outer layer wet and i want to go out northern light gazing again in the evening. Will  be wearing my ski jacket and walking boots - and ofcourse my silly hat. Some casual cloths for relaxing in evening and a cossy for the sauna/jacuzzi. Packing a wine box and tonics as it may be cheaper to pay excess baggage than buy it over there! Oh, and I've got chocolate and of course a hair drier.

Am looking forward to doing extra shoeshoeing or XC in the afternoons. The XC trails in Ruka and downhill are lit so a taxi between 4 might allow us to get more out of the twilight hours. I know lunch isn't included but am packing some sandwich bags in case i can make one up at brekky. That way if we break for lunch but want to get the most out of the day we have lunch to go. In  my experience I've only ever stopped in the snow for a break and carried on. Am not looking at doing any extra trips as i've paid enough for the holiday, so will leave Pete to climb the frozen landscapes!

Had thought about photography but i think we'll just have to try and see what works best on the northern lights.  We're hoping to have a look beforehand on a program to find out what constellations are around at the moment.

For those considering a huskey safari, beware. They are very smelly!


Think I'm on the same lines as Pauline to be honest - taking my own thermals (think not doing is a guy thing!) and salopettes, as may well go for a bit of skiing and I'm rubbish at it! Ski jacket, boots etc.... Like the thoughts about sandwich bags!!!! Might look at some kind of snowmobile safari or even the reindeer one (hopefully you're not as close to the ground as a huskey one - that does stink just a tad... toilets on the run and all that!)  - ice climbing isnt my bag.  Might see if I can save what the sky "should" look like on the itouch before we leave - but that will all be blown out the water if anything green/blue/red wavey looking turns up - fingers crossed!  Can't wait for Sunday now... think its gonna be great!  No pressure guys but been saving for this the last eight years!!!! LOL

I'll be bringing my own thermals thank you very much (sticking up for the guys!) ;-)


lolol - then I take all my assuming back! lol

I might just hire some pants though, I like the worn in look!

Moving swiftly on ...!

Did I cross the line of decency there? Not for the first time! :-)


Not sure there was much line crossing.... but if there was I suspect it won't be the last before the next 11 days are out!!!


Well, at least we're all forewarned on who the trouble-makers are likely to be...  ;-)

Who is that?


You and your line crossing.

I've written my packing list now, though expect I'll be bringing too much as usual. Am rubbish at packing lightly.

Jo I'm hurt! ;-)

I've finally printed off my docs. Just have to get some cash and pack and I'm sorted.


Lines? What lines? I see no lines... that's the beauty of fresh snow fall!!! Hides a multitude of sins...

Oh I think Rusty is head trouble maker!

I think you're right James, Rusty is looking like top of the list to throw the first snowball!!

Maybe we ought to get a preemptive strike in?!?

Breaking news!  From a very pleasant -4 to 5 degrees for the next few days with snow forecast tomorrow, the weather forecast plummets to -12 sunday, -16 monday, -17 Tuesday.  The good news is that it will be sunny so overall it will be glorious!!!!


Sunshine, what sunshine, the big bright light will be below the horizon, I am looking forward to not needing any sunscreen on hols for a change and now you mention sunshine !!!!! Clear skies will mean good star gazing though, just looking at the night sky now for Ruka let you knowwhat we should see soon.


Sunshine, what sunshine, the big bright light will be below the horizon, I am looking forward to not needing any sunscreen on hols for a change and now you mention sunshine !!!!! Clear skies will mean good star gazing though, just looking at the night sky now for Ruka let you knowwhat we should see soon.

Am I the only one with a smug look on my face today? Someone thought I was getting too excited over the xmas do tonight. Yeah right!

0 degrees outside this morning, brrrrr. Positively spring like compared to where we are heading


Yep it's as I thought, after much research there are going to be a lot of stars, a few planets, some satellites and shooting stars, hopefully the northern lights may distract us as well. See you all soon.

P.S. is anyone sure of our departure time ??????

The latest dept time I have is 13:25


Now I have a smug look on my face - big work deadline met, so that's out of the way, packing still to be started...

Ok, so I guess I'll see some of you in the bar on the right after security sometime after 11.30 on Sunday!



Not started packing yet - but had a great day today, Christmas lunch and Abba revival concert tonight and now too much wine...! What a way to start the holiday :) And as for me being a trouble maker not I... butter wouldnt melt - tho from the temps just quoted I'm not sure much will be.  See you all Sunday. Can't wait!!!

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