Who else is on the Thai Indochina Grand Tour departing Nov.4?

Looks like there are 11 other people booked on this trip - anybody out there?

I will be joining the group in Bangkok, via flights from eastern Canada. Arriving on November 2.

Hi Odette - I'm flying into Bangkok on Nov 3 - whereabouts are you from?  I'm from Nanaimo.  I've been waiting to see if anybody else on the trip would get in touch - so great to hear from you.

Hi Joan,

Great to hear from you too. I live in Grande-Digue - a small fishing village on Shediac Bay - 40km from Moncton. I am off tomorrow to Québec and Ontario. Will post again upon my return.


I'm very happy to see you two. I'm a french woman leaving in Loir et Cher near the Chateaux de la Loire... center of France. I'll fly from Paris to BKK arriving 3/11 and I'll sleep in Novo Hotel BKK booked by Exodus. I'm very excited by this trip. See you ... MASA

Glad to hear from you :)  I'll be staying at the Novo Hotel a day early as well - arriving in late on the 3rd - so hopefully we can meet up sometime on the 4th prior to the group dinner in the evening.  Looks like we have almost a full group now.

I too will be staying at the Nouvo City Hotel. My flight to Bangkok from Hong Kong arrives at 4:45 PM on November 2. I will be on the lookout for the both of you the following two days. Joan: at what time are you arriving in Bangkok on November 3 and are you returning home on December 1 from Siem Reap via Seoul, South Korea ? If so, there is a 12 hour stop-over in Seoul during which I am planning a tour of the city from the airport. I will be booking this within the next few days. Would you be interested in joining me ?



Thanks for the offer, however I will be staying on a few extra days in Siem Reap - leaving on the 3rd to go back to Bangkok.  I want to go around to some other areas that aren't included in the trip - ie Beng Maelea. I was there about 10 years ago - pre digital camera. Want to get some digital shots of the temple.  I'll be arriving at the hotel about 11:00 PM on the 3rd.

O.K. See you on the 4th.

Have you seen the Grand Palace and Wat Po before?   I was in Bangkok just 2 years ago and spend the morning at the Grand Palace and Wat Po.  I was thinking of perhaps going to Ayuatthaya instead on the first day of the tour rather than going on the scheduled tour of those two temples again and was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining me.

I have not yet seen the Grand Palace and Wat Po but could do so either on Sunday or Monday since I am arriving on Saturday, November 2. I assume that I could also do a boat tour of the local canals on my own. I would definitely be interested in joining you for a day trip to Ayuatthaya. By bus or by train - your preference.

Hi Odette - that would be great.  I was just thinking that I could also do the day trip on the 4th  (on the Monday when the tour group arrives).  I am getting in late on the 3rd, but it wouldn't be the first time I have had to be up and away early the day after I arrive late.  I was thinking of taking a van from Victory Monument as I believe they are faster than the train. 

On a previous trip about 12 years ago I took a bus/boat tour to Ayuattha, but was really disappointed because we wound up only spending about an hour or so there and seeing only two wats - so I want to be able to spend more time there this time. 





I would prefer taking a van as well - was not aware of that possibility. And on the 4th would be ideal for me, if you are up to it. Do we need to reserve seats in the van in advance ?

Incidentally, are you planning to obtain visas for Cambodia and Laos upon arrival at the border ? According to the travel website for Canadians, and our trip notes, this is acceptable. An e-visa for Cambodia is obtainable on-line. Should I bother ?

Yes, I think the 4th will be fine - though you may need to prod me awake occasionally. No, we don't reserve seats - just show up and wait till the minivan is full and then it leaves.  Apparently doesn't take too long (15 min or so).  Cost is 70 baht each way.  I was thinking of then getting a tuk tuk in Ayuatthaya for the day (5 hours or so - about 200 baht per hour).  As the hotel is not convenient to a BST station I thought of just getting a taxi to Victory Monument.

I was thinking of probably leaving the hotel around 7:30 or so - so we'll have to figure out a way to connect in the morning.

I was just planning on getting visa on arrival for Laos and Cambodia - have done that before.  We are doing a land crossing into Cambodia and I think the e-visa may only work at the airports.


Hi Odette and Joan,

are your luggage ready ?

I'll arrived in BKK airport the sunday 3/11 at 6 30 and go to Nouvo Hotel.

My name is Martine Sautet please ask for me at Nouvo H in the morning, Odette, to share a boat tour of the local canals the sunday 3/11, if you want.

I'll be very happy to share the van with you two to Ayuatthaya the monday 4/11.  

I've never been there and happy to discover. 

See you soon. 

Mes valises sont prêtes. Je prendrai l'avion de Moncton, Nouveau-Brunswick tôt le matin du 1/11.

Il me fera plaisir de partager une tournée en bateau avec vous le dimanche 3/11. En arrivant à l'hôtel s.v.p. demander le numéro de ma chambre et me laisser savoir à quelle heure vous préférer qu'on se rencontre au lobby.

Odette LeBlanc Pellerin

N.B. Je suis Acadienne, mes ancêtres de Poitou.

En arrivant à l'hôtel s.v.p. demandez le numéro de ma chambre et me laisser savoir à quelle heure vous préférez qu'on se rencontre au lobby.



Hi  Martine:

Will be great to have you along on the trip to Ayuatthaya. 

Re your plans with Odette on the Sunday - I believe that the group will do a canal tour along with visits to the Grand Palace and Wat Po on Tuesday, so don't know if you might prefer to do something else on the Sunday. 

I am still trying to decide what to take - you would think it would get easier the more I travel - but it doesn't.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 4th.

Hi Joan,

Given your experience with Bangkok, what would you suggest we do on the Sunday ?




Hi Odette:

I sent you an email re the Ayuatthaya tour - let me know what you think.  re Sunday - would really depend on when Martine will be available - sounds like she gets in at 6:30 am so if you have most of the morning and the rest of the day a day trip to a floating market or to the railway market might be good  I haven't been to the railway market but it looks interesting.  The floating market was interesting but I think you really need to be there early and it is a couple of hours or so away from Bangkok.  There is a lot to see in Bangkok itself, all depends on what you are interested in. 


Would you be okay with a private tour to Ayutthaya?  Cost would be about $112 US each - would be a full day tour with private car, guide, etc?  Can you let me know and I will book the tour. 



Joan, OK for the Ayuatthaya tour for the monday 4/11, can we pay in advance with credit card ?

I'm very happy that Odette speaks french...

Odette, je pense que l'on pourra se retrouver vers 9h dimanche 3/11, je vais essayer de dormir dans l'avion ... En fonction de mon état en arrivant à l'hotel je vous laisse un petit mot au lobby.

It sounds like a nice beginning.

See you Martine 


Martine, d'accord pour 9h dimanche 3/11 si votre état vous le permet; sinon, on se rencontre plus tard dans la journée. Je passerai au lobby pour le petit mot. En attendant, je vais faire une petite recherche - activitées possibles dans les alentours de Bangkok et je vous en donnerai des nouvelles sous peu. 

Joan, we will speak English with you - I will translate for Martine if necessary. I am really looking forward to meeting the both of you.


Martine:  Can you please email your title, first name, last name, date of birth and passport number to the tour company BKK Tours <[email protected]> and mention my name in the email. The company needs that info for insurance purposes for the trip.  We do not have to pay until the start of the tour and it can be in Thai baht or US$.  I will book the trip today.  Trip is getting closer :)


Martine, puisque vous serez possiblement trop fatiguée pour sortir le matin du 3/11, j'ai decidé de réserver le Tour 6: Authentic Markets of Thailand avec BKK Tours. Je serai de retour à l'hôtel à 13:00. On pourrait se rencontrer pour le déjeuner et par la suite procéder à l'aventure, une sieste entre les deux si vous le désirez.


The tour is now booked (just awaiting your info Martine).  The pick up will be at the hotel at 7:30 - the guide will meet us in the lobby.


Perfect Joan. Looking forward to it.


Martine, svp me laisser un petit mot à la Réception si vous décidez de vous reposer et de ne pas me rencontrer à 13h. Pas de problème - on peut se rencontrer plus tard, même en fin d'après-midi.




 Ok Odette aussitôt arrivée à l'hotel le 3/11 matin (arrivée avion 6h30), je vous laisse un petit mot à la réception pour vous dire dans quel état je me trouve et vers quelle heure je peux être dispo pour déjeuner ou tour dans BKK...

Avez-vous entendu parlé du marché de CHATUCHAK à BKK ?

 A très bientôt maintenant 





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