Who will be joining us in Cuba?

Looking forward to meeting other members of the Cuban cycling holiday group. I will be travelling with my friend Susie from Scotland and we will be driving from Frome, Somerset to Gatwick for our departure. We are staying on in Havana for a few nights at the end of the trip. So I will be able to offer a lift for one to Gatwick from Frome.

It's the "leisurely" bit of the cycling description that I am savouring.



Just a week away, I thought I would log in and see if we have any fellow travellers & pleased to find Janet & Susie.
Myself and husband Tim will be doing the trip, first exodus tour for us and first cycling trip.
We are also from the West Country!
Looking forward to it and checked out the weather forecast which is looking good!



My wife Sarah & I are also on this trip & will be travelling down from North Lincolnshire the day before.  I'm currently trying to get to grips with finding clothes & stuff to pack, in case I find need to buy anything else. 

One thing I was slightly puzzled about in the trip notes is under the heading "Recommended Cycling Clothing" where it says "Padded cycling shorts (with loose 'over-shorts' where recommended)...", but there's no further mention of occasions / places where loose 'over-shorts' might be required.  I'm planning to wear normal lycra cycling shorts when on the bike & can have other clothing to hand in the support vehicle in case it's needed, which I hope will be OK.  If anyone can offer any further information/advice, please let me know.  

Incidentally, I had a quick look at the forum posts by people going to Cuba later this month and there is quite a bit of discussion, e.g. about use of internet-enabled phones and how much money to take.  

Looking forward to meeting you all in a week or so,



Hello - I did the slightly longer version of this trip at the end of November last year and it was utterly amazing. The cycling isn't too hard, and it's a wonderful way to see the country.

A few tips that may come in useful:
Money: we took £250-300 pp and that was plenty for 2 weeks. Not sure how many meals are included on your trip
Clothing: they recommend loose shorts to go over your cycling shorts as some people feel self-conscious about walking around sights in their lycra. You can always jump on the bus to put them on though
Food: do take energy bars as they come in useful (although most stops are accompanied by fresh fruit). Also, we found energy tablets for your drinks bottle to be really useful to replace the salts and minerals you lose through sweat.

I promised our guide Laz that I would recommend for people to bring those toffee waffles that Starbucks sell, as he had them once and absolutely loved them. If you take them and you get Laz as your guide, he'll be your friend forever (and if you don't get Laz, you'll have a great source of snacks for the cycling!)

I'll try to check in here again on Friday, so feel free to ask any questions that I may be able to help with

Have a great trip


Thank you, that is very useful. Warm wishes, Janet

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