Who's coming?

High! Is anyone booked on the Botswana Highlights trip in Sept 2012?  If so, let us know.

I'm in a group of four and this will be our second trip with Exodus . . . hope it's as good as the first.


I did this trip in October and can honestly say that it was the best holiday I have ever had - I hope you have as much fun as we did. I'm off to see the gorillas this year but by all accounts that's amazing too. Have a great trip!


Many thanks. We are so excited about this trip and your comments just highten this. I am sure you will have a great time too, as a friend of mine went on the gorilla trip 2 years ago and had her best adventure yet. Have a great time.

This trip was our first and was truly fantastic - the mokoros in the delta were wonderful and one of the most peaceful and serene journeys I have ever taken ...  and we loved the camping waking up to the wonderful sounds of the Okavango ,  - the experience of camping on the Nxai salt pan away from the rest of the world was excellent and if yuo treat the long journeys as part of the adventure then you will have a wonderful time .  We travelled with exodus again last year to see the gorillas and again exodus were great and supported us when things didn't always go as planned . ps > our gorilla trip was life changing :) Happy travels - Beth  


Ok this is getting close, just 32 days to go!  Have we got this trip to our selves, or are there others out there that are going to share this adventure with us?

My fiance and I are coming from NZ (and I think there are two other kiwis also), we can't wait.. its mid-winter here...  Its going to be fantastic! Where is your group from?


Hi  there!

There are four of us going, me and my wife from England and also my Sister and bruv-in-law who live over in Spain. Have you been to Africa before? This will be our second trip with Exodus, the first was a truely amazing trip to Kenya & Tanzania. From the pictures I've seen and the reports I've heard about this trip, I think this one could be even better than the last.

Look forward to meeting you over Botswana


Hi Colin, 

No we haven't been before - our last trip was to Antarctica (my choice) so Michael got to choose somewhere a lot hotter for this one! I have spoken to a number of people who have been to Africa - they all have great tales to tell about their near misses with animals... especially around the campsites at night! 

Is there any particular advice you have for us, given that you have been before?

Looking forward to meeting you all too, 



Hi Kate,

Not sure just how cold it gets over in NZ, but it does get a little chilly at nights over in Botswana. 12-15C!.That may be warm for you guys coming from Winter, but after a day out in the heat, the temp falls quickly at night, so a couple of longsleaved shirts are handy, plus they help keep the mozzies from biting.

A hat is also handy esp. as we are out on the mokoros and have a few outings on foot. Be aware there are  long drives! but just accept them as part of the adventure and you will enjoy the trip.

Camping out in the wild is amazing!! It's the sounds of lions roaring, hippos grunting and all the other noises around the tent that make it so special, err and occasionally scary...ish ha ha.

Oh! and take plenty of memory cards and spare batteries for you cameras . . . you will need them, although it is possible to recharge batteries on the vehicles. Head torches are handy too when finding your way back to your tent ... in the darkness.

Have a good flight over and we will see you in Maun



I went on this trip last year and it was fabulous - my tip would be to bring swimming stuff as you get to have a dip in the Delta and there are  pools at a couple of the campsites that you go to. Have a great trip - I'm off to see the gorillas in a couple of weeks and am just a little bit excited now!


Thanks SP. Swimming in the delta sounds like brilliant fun.
Have a great time with the gorillas, it should be awesome


Thank you - to do gorillas and migration in one trip should be brilliant. If you have any queries about the Botswana trip, let me know. In Zambia, we were able to do the walking with lions experience and the heli trip over the Falls in one day and we also went into Zimbabwe to see the Falls which was more impressive from that side. Whatever's on offer - do it!  Jane

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