Who's coming with us?

Still a few months to go but pleased to see the trip is now guaranteed!

Exodus tell me there are six of us booked so far - so who else is joining myself and my housemate Rachel?



Hi Lorna my name is Helen Im also doing this trip and can't wait.


Well Hi there Helen, good to hear from you!

Where in the UK are you? We're in Bracknell, Berkshire.

I've been to Peru and Vietnam with Exodus before, and always found them fantastic, so can't wait for this trip!!!

Hello there. Looking forward very much to this trip. It's a few months off but the time will fly by. Don't want you thinking I'm a sad git or anything but it's 192 days away - not that I'm counting of course! Munch (Derek)

Hi Munch, hahaha - glad someone else gets as madly excited about holidays as I do! Hadn't quite worked out the number of sleeps yet, but wouldn't have been far behind you!

Should I ask where the name 'Munch' came from? Or is that a tale for around the campfire?

Lorna - Apparently it was something to do with my eating habits and given to me by my work-colleagues many years ago.  Rather unfairly I may add! Yes - it's good that the trip has been guaranteed - can relax a bit now.  The itinerary looks marvellous so I'll be very surprised if we don't get a full compliment - especially at that particular time of year. I think it's a max of 20 on this one.  Although it officially starts on 6th August, my flight leaves LHR the evening before on the 5th. (SA235). I intend to obtain the visa for Mozambique before leaving. Not sure about the Zim visa - was there 10 years ago and can't remember getting the visa prior to travelling so may have got it on arrival. Anyway all will sort itself in due course. Keep safe - Derek


Ilive in Cardiff and have done trips to Swizterland Morrocco and Zambia with Exodus. Last 2 destinations have been volunteer holidays and they have been great holidays.


Hi Welshy - I'm seriously thinking of doing volunteer hols with Exodus. I've just been reading about some of their projects in Zambia and Morocco in Exodus Extracts, one of their periodical publications. They must be very personally rewarding. Hopefully I'll get a chance to discuss them with you on this trip - Derek


Hi there!

Wait for me I'm coming to and can't wait either.. This is my first trip with Exodus..




Good to hear from another travelling companion! Getting quite a little group already :)

It's good to see you joining up Livia. I don't think you'll be disappointed with Exodus trips. It helps to be open-minded and flexible and easy to adapt to situations where sometimes things can go not quite to plan, but it's all part of a wonderful adventure and experience. The itinerary on this trip looks very enticing. I'm not really counting the days or anything but I make it 179 days to go. That's less than 6 months already. Of course if I keep count that way then the time will never pass. I'm presently on a trip to the USA (Texas) so don't have much access to this site. And hoping to do an Exodus trip about May/June (Tuscany looks nice).  Anyway, good luck all and keep safe.



Hi Everyone

My friend Debbie and I have just booked on this trip. This will be my fourth trip with Exodus and Debbie's third....we met last year on the Highlights of Northern India...and were accused of spending the entire holiday laughing! We've both been to Africa with Exodus before as well, although different trips.

We're mega excited and already making plans for this trip.

Happy Holidays!


Hi Melanie - good to hear you and Debbie are joining us! I nearly booked on the Northern India trip for April of this year, but decided two big trips in the same year was simply too extravagant!!! Will have to ask you all about it when we meet though, as I'm still thinking maybe India for next year!

Where are you an Debbie located? Are you on the group flight?



Hi there. I'm travelling from Liverpool, so excited already and we still have 5 months to wait! India was amazing, such a great trip so I would highly recommend. Would love to go back there one day though. 2 trips in one year? No problem! You only live once!

We're not on the group flight, I think there were limited seats etc but we fly BA and our flights are pretty much the same departure/arrival times to the group flight. As long as we get there I don't mind!

Debbie :o)


Hi everyone good to meet some more people. Really looking forward to the hol and meeting everyone. Hi Derek hope you had agood holiday, have great memories of doing volunteer hols and have done both Morocco and Zambia so would love to tell you about both. very different holidays but both really worth while doing. helen  

hey folks! look like you've got little ole me tagging along to! trip i was going on was cancelled so ive signed up for this one! jerry

Hey Robert, good to have you aboard - getting quite a merry little band now!

Watched an interesting film a few weeks ago about Zimbabwe - 'Mugabe and the whie man'...food for thought!

Looking forward to a fantastic holiday though :)

hey lorna, yep glad to be on board! should be a good trip with plenty of wildlife, some beach time and a large dose of adrenaline fun! will look up that film about charming mr mugabe (not to be confused with mr magoo) as be interestng to see if hes more popular than last time i was over there!  ;-)   im just seeing if i can cram a few other trips away in 1st but not sure bank balance will stretch to it! look forward to meeting you all in a few months, if anyone needs lift from midlands/mid wales area to the airport then im sure i can fit a few in!  

ps although name on passport is robert im only known as jerry! confusing aye!


Hello Everyone!  It's nice to have a little group going already, I'm coming along with my other half Dan, we're from Wolverhampton.  Really excited to be going back to Zim and Vic Falls, but new to Mozambique and Kruger, sounds like an amazing trip.  We're on the BA flights same as Debbie and Melanie, and hoping they don't strike!  I did Exodus Namibia trip with my Mom last year, loved it!  Can't wait for this one, roll on August! : )

welcome aboard to u both! trip seems to be filling up nicely now! see you both soon in a few months! jerry

Hi I'm Kat and am seriously thinking of joining you all on this trip. I have been looking at flights today and it seems that the flights from Victoria Falls are near enough booked up (the South Africa airlines one is already full). The British Airways flight has only got a couple of seats left, so I think if I want to go, I need to book it asap. As it's the weekend Exodus is shut, so I can't ring them until Monday. I'm thinking I should just go ahead and book this one flight to be sure, but before I do, can someone please confirm I need to book the flight for the 20th August (the BA flight leaves at 1355)?



Hello Kat - I hope this can help. I'm booked on the South African Airways flights. SA041 which leaves from Vic Falls at 1325hrs on Saturday 20th August, arriving in Jo'Burg at 1505hrs Then we get SA234 from Jo'burg to LHR leaving at 1950hrs the same day and arriving in LHR at 0625hrs the next day (Sunday 21st). I think most of the group will be on these flights. If you are getting BA flights the 1355hrs flight seems to be the one for you. I don't know when the BA flight leaves Jo'burg for London but I would confirm tha Saturday 20th August is the day you need. But please book asap on Monday and confirm with the Exodus office. Looking forward to seeing you - this itinerary look very enticing. Derek


Hi Kat,

We are on the BA flights, taking BA055 from Heathrow to Jo'burg at 19:10 on the 5th. Then on the way back we take BA6282 from Vic Falls to Jo'burg at 13:55 on 20th, as above, and then BA056 from Jo'burg to Heathrow at 19:15.
Hope that helps and you manage to get the flights! :)


Hi guys!

Who will be dealing with your visas? Feel more comfortable to get them prior to the trip. Any advice would be much appreciated.




Thanks for the link. Have an EU passport so a bit nervous about getting the visa on entrance but I dont think there is much difference if at all. I looked at some limited companies but they charge you a fortune -well double the price that is on the site you gave me.. So many thanks..

hey livia, glad was of some help to you! there is also some information on visas in the trip notes for the trip, im going to sort my mozambique visa out at the end of next week when im back off hols so il let you know how straight forward it is! Have you called and asked exodus? they may be able to advise you or help you more!   jerry


I have asked the guys at exodus but i'm affraid they were not very helpful as it is a non uk passport. I will try to get mine sorted in June. Thanks for your help. I have many more questions so brace yourself :-)



Livia - try Travcour (Uk) Ltd, Tempo House, 15 Falcon Road, Battersea, London SW11 2PJ.              0207 223 5295.  www.travcour.com          They are a specialised Visa organisation - that's all they do. Probably a bit more expensive, but you're paying a small fortune for this trip anyway so a few more quid (or Euro) shouldn't hurt.  Good luck.



Hi all, Is the general consensus to just get the Mozambique visa in advance, or is anyone getting the Zimbabwe one too? Don't want to be the only one holding the group up at the Border!!!

Have ordered a couple of books on Zimbabwe today - should make interesting reading!

Time is passing quickly - holiday will be here all too soon.... 



Hi everyone thanks for the info about the visa its a great help because I was going to the High Commission in London after speaking to someone in work.



hey folks, glad we have some organised people on board, makes my life easier! , im just going to get Mozambique visa sorted before hand and get the other 2 on entry! 3 months aye? wow better dig my speedos out!  ;-)  jerry



I decided to get the Mozambique visas in advance. Will get the others on entrance. Thanks for the help.. In desperate need of this holiday already :-)


Livia - if it's of any help then you only have  86 more days.      

Derek  :) 


I'm in too- last min decision I know I won't regret!

Can't wait !! Glad theres some good advice on heres about Visa sounds like dnt need to get on it till June. Never been on Safari so excited! Looking fwd to meeting you round the camp fire for stirring rendition of 'in the jungle the mighty jungle' half joke


ohhhhh 86 days aye? bugger that means il have to start thinking about paying for the trip at some point! and yes il sort out my visa as after everybodys efforts and advice i guess i wont be very popular if i hold u all up at the border!  jerry 

 ps. welcome aboard yaz, even though your choice of camp fire song leaves  a little to be desired!



After the realtively easy suject of visas is there anybody willing to talk about money :-).. How much to take, what currency....

 Welcome abourd Yez! This is my first safari too!


livi, i copied this off the exodus trip notes, hope this of some use to you!

 Currency Information

The national currency of Mozambique is the Mozambican Meticais

(MZM), with an exchange rate of 42000 to the UK£ and 28000 to the


The national currency of South Africa is the South African Rand (ZAR),

with an exchange rate of 11.44 to the UK£ and 7.33 to the US$.

The national currency of Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwe Dollars (ZWB),

with an exchange rate of 564.5 to the UK£ and 362 to the US$.

Exchange rates are correct at the time of publication.

We suggest taking most of your money in cash US Dollars and South

African Rand, with some smaller denominations of Mozambican


US Dollars and South African Rand are widely accepted in Zimbabwe,

and are both easily changed in Mozambique.

as for how much to take, well i guess that depends on how much you drink! it is worth downloading the trip notes as on the bottom it tells you the costs of some of the optional trips so will help you budget depending on what takes your fancy!!




Hi Jerry !

You will not belive me if a say that i have the notes printed off and glued to the fridge door! Just way to busy getting ready some tricky exmas (at least to me) so much easier to pop on here and ask.:-)


livi, hmmmm very organised so il let your oversight off this time! good luck with exams! ive just got far to much time on my hands in the summer! jerry 

Hi Juno

Apart from the obvious stuff, I think we should all bring a lot of patience, a sense of humour, a sense of adventure and the ability to adapt to the unexpected. I do have a facemask and snorkel in the house but I'm buggered if I can find them - and it's not as if the house is that big. That's the final balance just sent off yesterday - hope the cheque doesn't bounce. I'm recently home from a lovely Exodus trip to the Amalfi Coast - if this trip is half as good as that then we are all in for a treat. And thanks for that info about the stuffyourrucksack charity - very useful. Looking forward to meeting up with everyone soon


ouch that final payment hurt- will have to tighten the belt for few weeks but well worth it! vry excited- The stuff your rucksack a cool idea- i wont have lot of room but Im a teacher so will try and get bit of stationary together maybe

So has anyone got their Mozambique visa yet?? was thinking of sending mine off this week- jabs booked for next week- 7 more weeks of work woo hoo

where are people coming from- im from London



Yes it does feel real! Exams are all over so can get organized now.

Visa form filled in and all ready to be sent off this week. Balance paid, rather painful but money well spent..Jabs all sorted Need to test the sleeping bag!

I am not far away from you Yaz..just north of London - Berkhamsted.





we just need single entry visa right?



I am on the trip as well!


Hi All

 Just filling out the visa app form - what are people putting for address of residence in Mozambique? And are you just using the confirmation email from Exodus as proof of return flight?

How many sleeps???


Hello Lorna

I just put in "Camping in Inhumbane and Vilanculos". It appears to have been accepted because I check with Travcour's tracking system. My passport has been processed and should be with me tomorrow by special delivery. So that looks promising - but I'll confirm that tomorrow. I only sent it off last Thursday - and yes, I just used the confirmation email from Exodus.  How many sleeps? - Well I make it 44 more days - that doesn't mean 44 more sleeps since I sometimes can't sleep, or elso I doze off once or twice during the day. I think it's an age thing :)


Regards, Derek 


Hi Derek - thanks for the info! Will give that a go :)


Hi fellow travellers and thanks for all the visa tips and stuff.  For the record, I actually emailed the Mozambique consulate about supporting documentation and they confirmed that a copy of my confirmation of booking and itinerary (trip notes I guess) will be sufficient.  I'm really looking forward to the trip and to meeting you all.


Hi Lorna (& all others)

That is my passport returned this morning complete with Moz visa. That only took 7 days. So I guess "camping in Inhumbane & Vilanculos", plus Trip notes and receipt were acceptable.

regards, Derek 



My passport is back from the high commission..Just attached the trip notes to it and all was done in 10 days. Now will tackle the one to Zimbabwe - just because i am a bit nervous..  And 36 days to go!!


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