Who's doing Victoria Falls to Cape Town?


Just  wondering who else has booked on this trip leaving London on 8th Septmeber...? I'm a solo traveller so be good to "meet" some of my fellow travellers before this trip :-)


hi, i am just signed up for this trip in september.  seems like a long time from now but probably not....sarah

 have tried your e-mail address but somehow it keeps bouncing back     would definitely fill you in on the trip....have you been to africa or with exodus before?   s

Hi there.

Sorry you are having problems with my e-mail address. Is definitely [email protected]. Just noticed that there is one too many t's in the first e-mail address posted on 30th July. Sorry

I visited Tanzania with Exodus in February 2011, for the Mt Kilimanjaro trek. Had a briiliant time. If my correct e-mail address does not work, perhaps you could post your comments on here.

Many thanks



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