Who's for Egypt?

Anyone joining me on 12th Feb for Egypt?  I've never travelled with Exodus before, although I'm doing A Week in Jordan 4-12 Feb so I will have done by the 12th Feb.


Is anybody travelling to egypt on 11/2/12. I am travelling as family of 4.


Hello Ganeshram

Good to hear from you. I posted my  first message on 6th December but nobody has replied until now. 

I'm travelling as a solo person.  Are you travelling with children or adult family members?

A friend of mine did this trip last year - he said there are many very early starts and sleep deprivation is likely!

Regards, David 


I think you two are on different trips - there is a separate one for families on 11/2/12.  David - I am on your trip, starting in Cairo on the 12th.  I'm staying with a friend in Cairo before the trip starts so I will meet up with the group at the starting hotel.  Cheers, Nick

Hi David and Nick,

I'm on your trip.  I'm not on the group flight as the times weren't suitable.  I'll see you at the hotel.  I have travelled with Exodus before and everything went well, despite being in Kenya during the civil unrest a few years ago!


Let's hope we don't need your civil unrest experience on this trip!

Ha ha I'm sure it'll all be fine.


I am on the Egyptology tour beginning on Februay 5.  I am arriving on my own late Feb 4 and wonder if anyone else from the trip will be there a day early. If so, perhaps we could do something together


bc-traveller - This page is for Highlights of Egypt on 12th Feb so people on your trip may not see your message here.


Hi, only recently signed up with my two daughters, Helen (18) and Sophie (16). We're on the "group flights" though it seems that others aren't. I've been to Cairo once, briefly & long ago, and despite that being a bit of a disaster am looking forward to seeing Egypt again. First time with Exodus. Does anyone have any appropriate books (other than Death on the Nile!) to recommend?


Packing nervously - see you all tomorrow!


I'm in Cairo already, so just to let you know: It's very cool when out of the sun, and especially at night, so bring a warm top! More than just a thin fleece. It's forecast to get warmer but then cool again. Nick

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