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Hi All

Just wondering if any folks on here will be joining me in September for the trek.


Hi Matt. I am also booked on this. I am hoping there are no more changes to the flights as I have just booked my parking at Heathrow! Have you done any anything of this level before? I can manage the 3 peaks of the UK (not in 24 hours) but am not sure whether I have pushed myself too far with this one.


Hi Phillip glad to hear I'm not on my own. I'm actually flying from Gatwick so I will meet you in Marrakech. I have never really attempted anything like this, it's all a bit new to me. The closest I've come is Hiking in the peak district so im a similar boat to you. looking forward to it now, see you there.


But at least you still have youth on your side. I am 53 and smoked for 35 years so may well find it more challenging than you do! Surprised that no-one else has contributed to this forum thread as there must surely be more than just the 2 of us doing this trip?

By the way, did you realise that it is actually a camping trip? Exodus have stopped using the refuges as they didn't meet their standards. Hope it doesn't get too cold over night!



I am coming on this trip too. The highest I've been before is 2000m so I was nervous at first about the higher altitude. Though Kai said that they go at a slow pace so it gives you plenty of time to acclimatise. Has anybody gotten the Rabies vaccine? I decided against it mainly cos of the cost but we will probably be near animals so maybe I should get it. Also the Irish Medicine Bureau told me that you only need a malaria vaccine if you are in the Chefchaouen Province. On the map it looks like we are a good bit away (150-200kms) from there though the maps I've seen only give a pin point for the area, I'm sure it covers a larger area? I was told back in April that our group has four confirmed solo bookings (3 women, 1man) Cheers Ruth


Hi Ruth, no I haven't had any vaccinations specifically for the trip, I may have to have a look into it though. I think both of you will have more experience than me, I really am relatively new to trekking and hiking in general. Like you say Phillip its the altitude I'm most concerned about, I'm glad to hear they will be taking it slow. Thanks Matt


I too am going on this trek!Just booked about a week ago!Have done Pennine Way etc over here but nothing at altitude with the added bonus/hindrance?? of camping!!Looking forward to meeting you all.Geraldine.x


I'll be joining you all too, just booked last week but looking forward to the challenge.  Any last minute tips? 

Looking forward o meeting you all!  



So are you guys just goin to get money out of ATM when you ge there?

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