Who's going with me to Mont Blanc?

Hi all on the Mont Blanc highlights trip on 21st September.

I  am a lady travelling on my own (but not single!) who wants to walk in the Alps.


Hello I'm going on the trek also


Hi  Sue

Maybe its just the two of us going to Mount Blanc as no one else has posted anything!  I'm sure that there a lot more going on the trip.

Its my first trip with Exodus and really looking forward to it. My friends have been with them and really recommend their holidays.  Is this your first holiday with them? 

Norma Kilpatrick


Looking forward to the trip, my first also with exodus

Hello Duncan and Norma. Yes this is also my first trip with exodus. Just looked at 10 day weather forecast. Cold and rainy this week but seems to improve at the weekend. Still that is a week away so anything might happen!

Hello Sue, Ducan and Norma - my husband Chris and I will be coming too. This is our first trip with Exodus, we've been on similar trips before with other adventure companies.
Weather is looking pretty good from Friday onwards!

Has anyone flown with Swiss recently and do you know if we get fed on the plane? You can see where my priorities lie.

A friend at work has answered this question. "They give you a sandwich or mini pizza and chocolate in economy and a cheese platter and lasagna in business class." She was lucky enough to be upgraded

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