Who's going trekking

Hi everybody.

Just posting a message to see if anybody wants to chat about the Mt. Toubkal trip before we all meet? 

My name's Andy, 42 from Worcestershire. 


Hi Andy,

I'm on the trip too. My name is Andy, 43 from Cardiff. I have been walking in the Brecons but the weather has been terrible. Got a Cancer Research 3 Welsh Peaks coming up on 25th May, see how I get on!

What about you? Training? Been with company before?

I went with Exodus up Kili, the Rongae route....really organised company so looking forward to this trip.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for the reply.Didn't think anybody was going to bother.

Hope the weather's more favourable in the Atlas mountains.Looking forward to some sun and the crisp mountain air.

No training as such.Just usual circuit training every week.Went to Himachal about 10 years ago.

Thought about Kili.Sounds like a great trek.Have to talk about that.

This is my 2nd Exodus trip.Hope it's as good and well organised as the last. 

Only pain in the proverbial is travelling to and from Gatwick.




Hi Andy's haha

I'm Ben, 22 from Gravesend, Kent

I've never done anything like this in my life and I'm getting nervous! haha

I don't want to turn up under/over prepared, trying to get an idea of what kind of clothes to wear more than anything!

Hi Ben,

It should be a good trip by the sound of it.The exodus team have been good from my experience

so far. 

As for clothes I'm not quite sure.But some hot weather gear for a few days(not much chance to wash)and maybe a thin layer or two at night higher up.I'm thinking a change of T shirt and shorts for sleeping .Sweaty gear on in morning.

Don't know if that's any help for you



Hi guys!

I'm Lu, 23. I've literally joined the trip this week in v last minute/spur of the moment decision!

I'm in the same boat as you Ben, as I've not done anything like this either. But seriously looking forward to it! Trying to figure out how much/little I need. Does anybody have an idea of how covered up one needs to be, as I'm aware that Morocco is a fairly strict muslim country. I know its a silly question but trying to decide if my walking shorts will be ok considering the heat or trousers only? And any tips on where I can find the water purification tablets mentioned on the trip notes? Thanks!

 Look forward to meeting you all soon! Lu 


Thanks for the advice Andy!
I think they're okay on the shorts side of things luke, just not short shorts haha
But I think they say what's okay in the trip notes anyway



Hi all,

 Had real problems getting water purification tablets. Boots & everyone sold out & none in warehouse. I did manage to get some at Cotswolds. But pretty sure you will be able to buy water 1/2 nights & I have enough to share. I have 30 tablets.

Dress code: Job to say, pack walking shorts & trousers and go with the flow. No shorts above the knee much. Ladies have to be a bit more conservative & recommned they bring a shawl - wife & I lived in Middle East for 15 years.

As well as normal toiletries, wet wipes are always a godsend!

Don't forget sweets for summit day: Jellybabies are good.

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