Who's with me??

Hi All

Just looking for fellow travellers on the Marrakech Mountains and Coast trip departing 30th June!

It's my first Exodus trip and I am really looking forward to it and to meeting you all!

Any advice from seasoned Exodus-ers?

Shonagh x

Hi Shonagh,

I'm on that trip. I've not been to Morocco before so I'm really looking forward to it. I guess going in June we should expect it to be hot! Are you travelling on the group flight or have you booked your own?



Hi Kirsty

Yep I'm on the group flight, just got to work out how to get there and back cos I actually live in Nottingham. Really looking forward to it, the hotter the better as far as I am concerned! I've not been to Morocco before either, though I lived for a while in Egypt and then Palestinian parts of Israel a few years ago now, so I am sure there will be similarities and I'm really looking foward to Marrakech!

Shonagh  x

Hey Shonagh,

I'm getting different flights. I get there around 18:30, which I think is a bit later than you??

What were you doing in Egypt and Israel? I lived in Bangkok for a while, teaching English, and that was a bit too hot for me at times. Are you planning on buying anything in Marrakech? I am the worst haggler in the world, so I'm not sure I'll be getting anything - I'll probably end up playing twice the proper price!



I can't quite remember when we get in but I dont think we will leave without you so I wouldnt worry!

I was working for the British Council doing various bits and bobs in Palestinian areas of Israel, in Egypt I was more just wandering about really!

Used to be quite a fierce haggler but my skills are sorely underused these days, we shall see...


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