Who's up for this trip?

Hi Guys!

I've pinged on to the site to see who's going on this trip....seems there's lots of chat aboutt he other routes but not our's....so where is everybody!!!!

 Be great to hear from anyone on this trip. This is the first trip I have done where I know two people from a previous trip, Everest Base Camp.

Don't be shy, drop a line. This trip is def' the Rongai route and if flying with Exodus we depart from London on Sept 7th....yippeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!






Shannon - if we depart on 7th Sept. why does the headline for this say 11th June? Doh!!!?

F's packed the plastic cutlery!!!!!





What a twat.....I'll do another mail.....idiot, god knows what I was doing!


Shannon :-)

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