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Wondering if anyone else is going to India in September ?

Let me know if you're booked on this trip - it would be good to be in touch before we go.

 Serena Bright


My husband Peter and myself are booked on this trip. Have you any idea how many others are booked on it?

Julia Metcalf


Hi - when I booked in April I think there were six apart from me - three couples and me ! The maximum is 16.  Have you been to India before ?  I haven't, and am just starting to think more about the trip so am reading about India, and thinking about what to take etc.

Kind regards, Serena


Peter has been to India before but I haven't. He hasn't been to this area though. I'm glad you are doing some reading - at least one of us will know something about it all!

I am also wondering what to take  - I am not good at travelling light and it is more difficult when the climate may be different at different stages of the journey.

We are also trying to decide what to do about maleria tablets - it seems low risk but we can't get  a definate yes or no from anyone. What have you decided?

Julia Metcalf

Hello all - I'll be joining you. In June there were 8 of us, so maybe more now!

Have you tried Googling the name of the retreat, Basunti? It looks absolutely stunning :-)

Ive been to Sri Lanka a couple of times, but never India so am very excited . As for the malaria issue - its a personal thing, but unless anti-malarials are mandatory, rather than advisory, Ive not taken them on previous trips.




Yes, Basunti does look stunning I agree.  I love the idea of the train journey from Shimla.  I am going to try (ha) to travel light.  I think Shimla will be chilly at night, and Delhi will be boiling.  Lots of thin cotton things, and not too bare - going to temples we shouldn't wear shorts or have bare shoulders.  And not open shoes apparently.

As for malaria tablets, I am going to take them - Delhi does have a malaria problem.  I have been given the name of a travel medicine expert by a doctor friend, and am going to email her.  I'll let you know what she says.  My GP has given me a prescription for antiobiotics to take in case of severe stomach bugs ...


Hi - for malaria, the feedback is that Delhi and Amritsar are risk areas for malaria but higher mountain areas not.  It seems to be optional whether you take malaria pills or not, but I have decided that I am going to.  When I took them before in Africa the only difficult thing about taking them [Malarone] was remembering to take them, so I reckon I might as well .  Apart from all the usual injections which your GP can advise on (tetanus, diptheria, polio, hepatitis, typhoid) the other recommendation was to have rabies injections.  And have insect repellent.  All sounds quite scary but might as well do it all !

I spoke to Brendan at Exodus today who has been to all the places we're going to, and he was very helpful and informative. Serena


Hello all

Wonder whether you've yet given any thought to how you're going to get your rupees?! I know you cant take currency in/out of the country and Exodus recommend not to use the change facilities at the airport as they are expensive.

Are people taking sterling with them? Or travellers cheques? Experience on other trips makes me wary of relying on ATMs outside of US/Europe!





Hi - I have decided I am going to take sterling cash, debit card for ATMs, and credit card.  I'm so excited about the trip - my passport is with the Indian Embassy as we speak, and having a rabies injection tonight so bit by bit I get there !  Serena 

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