WOULD like TO CHAT TO FELlow traveLLErs!

i'm interESteD in CHATTING TO THOSE on this trip as its my first biking trip and HOPEfully the START OF MORE biking trips! is it anyone'S Else'S FIRST TIME or do WE have SEAsoneD bikeRS RIDIng alongsidE too?

Hi there Spanner - are you sure you have the right trip here. Tuscan Delights is not a cycling trip. Maybe you mean "Tuscany: Cycle Siena and Chianti" which leaves on the same date. Tuscan Delights is a sort of leisurely walking and cultural sightseeing trip - for lazy buggers like me. 

Munch (Derek) 


THANK YOU DerEk! ha ha ha! i diD meaN CYCLE sieNA AND chianti!


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