would like to hear from fellow travellers

Any body out there booked on this trip with us, leaving uk on the 7th feb. Please get in touch would love to hear from you

hi there, i am booked at this trip..... my name is louis.... have you traveled with exoduse before?





oh well done we were getting quite worried as no one else has mentioned this trip. No never been anywhere with exodus or done anything like this before, getting a bit nervous now , time is just flying by.  I'll be travelling with my mate Andrea from Wales. What about you you done anything like this before? Look forward to hearing from you

Hi again,

 Not many usually check the forum out!!


I did few trips with exodus and I did some high altitude before… very hard… I have been going to the gym frequently…. But never know with high altitude!!


Have you been training?? Have you got all your gear?


Although I got most of the stuff needed… I had to buy few things… especially chocolate to boost the energy.


It’s going to be a long day for me the day we fly….. I am catching the bus to Heathrow which will be 3hrs and then the long flight to Kili.

How you geitting to heathrow?





high louis! i am too on this trip with dons,,,just read your message of long day we too have a long day! we have a 6 hour journey to the airport then the flight! less than 3 weeks now!!! hey dons get some training done not pc chat!

Oh, one more thing… you might need to bring some toilet paper…. The toilet paper quality in africa is not that good.


Hi,   wish we'd spoken to you before but we already have our tickets to travel down. It's only euston to heathrow which is bit of a worry but we'll get there one way or another.

Thanks for the tips, look forward to meeting up with you - will look out for your exodus kit bag at heathrow !

I am sure you will be ok ….. I used the tube many times…. Not too difficult..

You need to take the Victoria line from Euston to Green Park. Change at Green Park to the Piccadilly line all the way to Heathrow. Just make sure you take the right train in the right direction.

Hope you will have a good journey



Hi guys

I did the same trip as you last Jan and it was a fantastic experience. I've posted some advice for the trek on the forum above yours (departing 23 Feb) which you will probably find helpful.

 It was definitely worth doing the safari extension, much better than going home shattered after the trek. You need a treat after all the hard work.

It is worth leaving some clean clothes for the safari in a small bag (I just used the one of the waterproof bags you normally line your daysac with that clip together at the top) at the hotel.

I took a few small things like colouring pencils and pens and sweets (very cheap from the Pound Shop) in case we saw any children which we did. I noticed an orphanage as we turned off the main road to drive up to Lake Manyara NP and asked the guide if we could stop there on my way back. They were pleased to show me around, weren't pushy in any way and were very grateful for my very modest gifts.

I'm sure you will have an amazing trip. Have a great time



Thanks for taking the time to do that, always good to hear from someone who's had the experience. U know the porter's boil the water for you, does that mean you done need purifing tablets?


And were the people in your group use to doing things like this? I'm getting a bit worried I'm not going to be fit enough although we do go walking here in Barmouth it's just the summit night I think is going to be the problem.



None of use used purifying tablets and we were all completely fine.

Most of the people in my group had never done anything like Kili before, me included, so don't worry. Some people were regular hill walkers but they were in the minority. Everyone was reasonably fit but I wouldn't describe any of them as super fit . You will be fine with average fitness as long as you are happy that you can walk for several hours a day on consecutive days. The pace is very slow and only the summit night is steep. As I mentioned on the other forum, your mental approach to it is as important (if not more so) as your fitness. Just pack a large amount of determination and you will be fine.

By the way, I got the location of the orphange incorrect, it was near Arusha NP not Lake Manyara.



thanks Michelle for the advices you provided …..Donna don’t worry about it you will be OK. Its more mental challenge than physical… so set your mind to do it and you will.

if you would like to chat for more advices and tips please find me on MSN windows live messenger/ e-mail: [email protected]



Hi there, I think I might be on joining you on the start of this trip! I'm doing the Rongai route departing LHR on 7th Feb but I'm going onto Zanzibar afterwards and not the safari so am not sure if I'll be in the same group. If I'm not in your group I wish you all the best of luck on the climb :-) I'm sure, like me, you're all getting a bit excited now (if a little apprehensive ;-)



Hi Domonic

sound's like you could be on our trip if not we'll probably be meeting up with you in the camps along the way. Can't believe how fast it is approaching. Getting excited and then nervous but looking forward to it all the same.

Hi Michelle - Thanks again for that, put's my mind at rest a bit   onward and upward!!



Sorry Dominic  spelt your name wrong. There's me trying to learn a few word's in swahili should be concentrating on my english!


well people only a week to go now, i know im feeling very nervous about it! but i just want to get going now,hope we all get on realy well and that we can all help each other on the last haul up!!!!!!good luck to all xx

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