Would like to hear from fellow trekmates

Departing from Heathrow Monday 15th February - only 3 weeks to go! - would love to hear from fellow travellers.  Are you all ready for this??  I believe there are 9 of us trekking this route so it would be good to hear from you.


Hi Kay

sorry to say will not be joining your trek but we done the n circ route 2 yrs ago and it is a brill route to do, we tried the rongai route the previous yr and was too fast to assend and only made it to kibo hut 4700  . For acclimatisation the NCirc is so much easier even though it much longer. Im sure you will have a great trip, especially if your head guide is Mathew he is a gem !! Anyway good luck, We are off to Everest b camp on feb 7.


 Hi Nigel, 

Thanks for the response - it's your photos on the TYN photo pages then? They're very good :) This too will be my second attempt, last year I climbed Mount Meru for acclimatisation and summitted, but got as far as Karanga camp on Kilimanjaro and had to go down (not altitude sickness - I was just poorly!). So having done Mt Meru I have chosen the Northern Circuit for the better acclimatisation prospects, and of course it would be great to spend more time on Kilimanjaro. I have not heard from anyone else on the trip yet...perhaps I'm going alone!


Hi Kay

Thankfully you will not be travelling alone, as I am on the same trip!

Coincidence that you live in the town that I grew up in, but we can talk about that on the mountain! I climbed Mt. Toubkal last summer and had a brilliant time, but fully understand that this is another couple of notches up the ladder, so to speak.

I guess I am about as ready as I will ever be, so am SO looking forward to the 16th.




Hi there Charles, nice to hear from you - yeah I'm soooo looking forward to this too and am mostly ready, got all bits and pieces ready for trek.  I kept a diary from my trip last year and the one negative thing I kept writing about was being so cold on a night, so I've treated myself to a new sleeping bag - I'm a big walker so I have a lot of gear anyway, its just a question of getting it all together now!  I've been out all weekend walking, yesterday in the Yorkshire Dales and today in the Lake District - loads of snow today, two fantastic days of sunshine - a rarity!  Do you spend much time walking/training? I wondered if there was little response to this forum as everyone will be cramming in their last minute training! There's another 7 people out there yet, I'm advised there are 5 independant travellers and two pairs....




Hi Kay/Charles,

I'm joining you on this trip with my husband Alastair and am getting very excited now!!  We do a lot of hiking but have never done anything like this before - and have never been to Africa before..  Thanks for the tip about cold nights, I'll make sure I have plenty of layers to keep warm..  We're hiring the sleeping bags so hopefully they will be pretty warm.

Look forward to meeting you soon




Hi Kay and Emma

My training has been okay - we don't have anything resembling  a hill, let alone a mountain in Northamptonshire! Done quite a bit of cycling to increase stamina levels, but probably haven't had as much time actually walking as I should have done.

As someone who has been to Tanzania before,(Kay) what do you think about taking malaria tablets? I've got my GP suggesting I take them, but am now hearing conflicting stories from people who have done the climb saying don't bother, as we are altitude wise, above the level of infection in no time at all. Any thoughts?



Hi Emma, good to hear from you - that's two more on the trip. I think we're all excited now, time is ticking away.  You'll love Africa hopefully - it is truely a world away from ours.  I was brought up in Zambia, have been to Kenya a couple of times and obv Tanzania last year - I love it!

Hi Charles, I guess I'm at an advantage with hills & mountains not too far away from home to 'train' in.  As for malaria tabs, I believe Malerone is suggested to take, and you will be strongly advised to take them.  I don't like taking too many pills so opted not to take them last year and will not be taking them this time.  However, I do have a spray to keep the insects off which contains 90% Deet (you can get 100% too now) it stinks but it works!! I don't like getting bitten by anything lol! I also wore wrist & ankle repellent bands and covered up in the evenings when off the mountain.  There are no mosquitos at higher altitude and last year when I had to go to a local clinic I was advised by the doctor that there was no malaria in the area (Arusha) - however this situation obv does change and ultimately the decision is a personal one - do you take the risk?? Hope this helps.  Anything else you would like to ask please do :)



Hi Kay/Charles,

What are your thoughts on the optional day safari on the last day?  We quite fancy it but the coffee lodge looks lovely as well, so it might be nice to relax there for the day.   I'm not sure if we have to make a decision before or after the trek.

Emma x


Personally I'd probably prefer to chill out in the hotel or go into Arusha town. I did have a safari trip to Arusha National Park last year and would highly recommend it if you haven't been before :) Hope all's well with trip prep/packing - looking forward to meeting you all.


Hi Emma

Tend to agree with Emma re last day. I think I will just be in chill out/laid back mode!




I will also be joining this trip.  I have walked a lot in the UK and a little in Europe but nothing in comparison to Kilimanjaro, hopefully the training will pay off.  I can't wait to get started even though I am a bit nervous about whether I will be able to aclimatise.

Look forward to seeing you all at the airport.


Its good to hear from you - getting v v excited now but like you, mixed with nervousness.  Having read the reviews on the Northern Circuit route there is good opportunity to acclimatise, certainly more so than the shorter routes, but there is always that worry... I did experience headaches and loss of appetite last time, but paracetamol (take plenty with you) and drinking a lot of water cures the headaches, also I was never hungry but told myself not eating enough means no walking! I try to keep open minded and enjoy the trip as a whole, the higher I got the happier I felt at the achievement. 

Anyhow packing is now well underway but struggling to fit kit in Exodus bag so it's been abandoned for my own trek bag!

Looking forward to meeting you too :)


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