Would like to hear from others on this trip Cuba 210210

Hi Just booked on this trip today.  My friend Karen will also be booking in the next day or so.  Know from Exodus that there are already 4 others already booked -would love to hear from you.  Now we have a total of 6 we only need another three to make the trip guaranteed-fingers crossed x



I, too, am signed up and looking forward to sun and salsa. I've just bought a guide book so my winter reading is assured.

great to hear from you!  I have not yet got the guide book but have been told the Moon book is very good.  Which one did you get?  Do you know that there is a 2 part new(ish) film called Che about Che Guevara's live out at the moment.  Thinking of holding off seeing it until nearer the time but should be interesting.  Have made the odd purchase in the sales in prep - a great excuse when you see something and think "that would be good for Cuba". Did you notice that the trip has been designated a solo only trip -and that the status has turned to guaranteed-so fingers crossed should all go ahead.  Lovely to hear from you


Good to hear we're set to go. Yes, noted the Singles designation but it was the date that was right for me. Have you done other Exodus trips? They're usually a good mix of ages/sexes and always full of interesting people - married or not! I bought the Insight guide because it was on half-price offer with Amazon. As for clothes, we won't need much, I guess. But, as you say, that doesn't stop Cuba being a good excuse for a bit of retail therapy. Looking forward to meeting fellow travellers.

Hi all,  I booked this trip a while ago and will be joined by my friend Annie from Australia.  I'm busy reading all I can about Cuba and have so far read Our Man In Havana, Trading with the Enemy, Cuba the Land of Miracles.  I'm also ploughing my way through Fidel & Che a Revolutionary Friendship and have Islands in the Stream to read.   

I've used a Moon guidebook before and found it good.  I have the Cuba Moon book. 

See you in Feb - Jules

Hi Jules, Nice to hear from you-my goodness you have been reading up a lot-you will be our mine of information.  Not read too much relevant yet but will do some (though maybe not as much as you!) before the time.  Looking forward to meeting you and Annie. Ann


Carrie   Hi everyone,  I too have booked to go on this Cuba trip, really looking forward to it as it's somewhere I have wanted to visit for ages.  But then, I just love holidays!  I read on one of the sites that we will need to take cash rather than travellers cheques, and more than we think, any ideas?  Also anyone else travelling up from Wales?

Yes I too will be travelling up from Wales, I live in North Wales.  I may be staying overnight the night before we fly with a friend near Gatwick but will definately be travelling back (by train) when we land on the Monday.  Where in Wales do you live? Yes looks like cash Sterling and or Euros are the best best to take.  I did a quick calc some time ago and came up with the alarming figure of £700-£800 BUT that was working very much on the "top side" and allowing for all of the optional excursions apart from the night club.  This was made a bit better by the fact that the cost of the holiday had gone down by £200 since we booked.  This may be over the top and was only a quick calc so would be interested in what other people are thinking of taking. Always a diffiicult one especially as the good old fall back of credit cards are not widely accepted.  Great to hear from another fellow traveller- I tried to watch Che Guevara (part one) the other night but it was subtitled (which I hate) and not at all what I had expected- I was hoping for a historical piece on the revolution but not what I got.  Everyone to their own but I won't be watching part two!

I'm Karen - Ann's friend (yes Ann, you are staying at mine the night before, then we can get a lift to Gatwick!!) I'm looking forward to the trip now I can definately go - had a bit of a wobble with a new job/holiday allowance but have got the thimbs up now. I've got the Che DVD ready to watch but haven't done anything else yet...



twick by coach which leaves at some unearthly hour.  Still haven't worked out how much spending money I'm taking but I suppose best to have more than enough rather than less. I have the Lonely Planet guide which I am reading, but haven't read anything else on Cuba.  Not too long to go now !!

Yes not long to go now - counting down the weeks. 

Karen and I have been having some email conversations re the money and we were thinking £800-£900 which is a lot especially when you have to have it in cash but not a great deal we can do about it.  Where is Twick?

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