Would you consider going on a holiday on your own?

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 I am looking to book for the Great Wall of China next Sept/Oct.  I am meant to be going with my eldest son, but as he is a Uni student he may not have the money, and as I can't afford to pay for the 2 of us, I will have to seriously look at going by myself.  Its a really scary daunting thought as I've never been outside the UK by myself!  Pathetic at my age really!



Ann Lee


Anne,  as it is an activity holiday you are going on you will be with like-minded people.  I get a lot of time off so spend half my holidays as a lone traveller as my girlfriend tends to be working.  I've never had a problem travelling alone, and haqve found that on activity holidays it is very common practice.  Enjoy China!!!


As a single girl, this year and my last 2 holidays have been on my own. But I have met some amazing people, and I think I might actually prefer it over holidaying with friends - you only need to worry about yourself, you can do what you like and you get to meet some like-minded people.

Don't be scared - its not as bad as you think!


Hi, I too am a single traveller making up for all I missed in my younger days.  I am no spring chicken nor am I over the hill (yet)  I did cheat though when I started travelling afar by going to NZ as I had friends who emigrated there so all I had to do was make sure I was on the flight and made my connections at Bangkok, the rest as they say was easy, then two years ago, I took the plunge and did a safari to kenya followed by a beach extension and boy did I have a great time.  I snorkelled for the first time, made some great friends and am still in touch with some by email etc.  Next came a week alone in Hurghada Egypt and now I am off to Tanzania and Zanzibar at end of August with Exodus.  All I can say is why the hell did I wait so long, the world is there to explore, there will always be someone somewhere on their own or just chat to people, its surprising what a kind word and a smile can bring and if you just want to chill alone dig out the reading material, but above all be yourself!  Enjoy ! Heather :-)


All of my holidays with Exodus have been on my own and they have all be great!  My first was in 2007 and they have have gradually got more adventurous as my confidence with travelling on my own has increased.  A lot of people on Exodus holidays are lone travellers and I'm sure that you will enjoy as much I have. 

I've done all my exodus trips on my own. And on everyone I've met like minded wonderful people some of which I've kept in touch with and met up with several this year.


I did Everest Base Camp  as a solo a few years ago, and had a fantastic time. Met some really great people on the trek and you never, ever feel lonely or 'out of things'. I am off to Annapurna Sanctuary next year, again on my own, and I am really looking forward to it. I too prefer travelling by myself - nobody else to worry about, for starters! You will have a great time - go for it!!!

I found the thought of travelling alone very daunting, but really wanted to go to India last year, so I went ahead and booked up.  There were some really lovely people on the trip, and the group leader looked after us all very well, I never felt alone or at a loose end at any time.  There are also bound to be other solo travellers on your trip.  I found it a very liberating experience, and I just regret not doing it sooner.  I'm looking forward to China this year too, travelling solo, and I can't wait.  See you on the Great Wall!  Douglas

Staff member

Would you be happier travelling alone if you knew everyone else was travelling by themselves? Would females be happier if we were to look at women only trips with female guides where possible?


Never had a problem with mixtures of singles and couples/pairs of friends. People that book on this type of trip tend to want to join in regardless of whether they have come alone or not. Not yet been on a trip where I was the only solo traveller though!


I have to be honest - I check before I book as to whether its all couples on the trip or a good mixture of singles / couples / ages. I have one friend who ended up on a trip where she was the only solo traveller with couples who were all retired (she was about 30 at the time, so it was a bit strange).

I would absolutely hate to travel on an all female trip - a good mixture of people from different backgrounds & with different interests is what makes the trip interesting!




Hi all, I'm thinking of going on a solo trip to Cuba in June and as this is my first Exodus tour, and first holiday on my own, I'm a little bit apprehensive (and excited) about holidaying alone.  I wondered if many people bothered with the single supplement and took a single room or what their experiences were of sharing a room with (at first) a stranger?  

Thanks, Becky 


I go for the supplement these days after a trip where the lady i was sharing with used to get up at 3am and turn the light on! It does give you the chance for your own space and you'll see a lot of the rest of the group at dinner, activities etc so no worries about making friends.



 As long as cost is not an issue, I'd go for the single supplement; certainly if you are talking about a room, which infers hotel.  Even on a camping trip I'd recommend it (i.e. your own tent).  After all, you are only using the room/tent to sleep - you will be socialiing the rest of the time. It's quite nice not to have to think about anyone else, particularly a stranger, when you want to go to bed.

 I am off on a trip on my own on Sunday and have booked single accomodation for the hotel either end of the trek.  In September a friend and I are going to do the Via Ferrata Trek, and again, where possible we are looking for our own single roooms.  Some privacy is nice, if not essential.

 Enjoy Cuba and enjoy the idea of travelling alone - you will meet up with some fabulous people.

I went to Cuba (la isla grand) on a solo trip last year, although there were some couples on the trip. I remember feeling nervous on my first exodus trip and I'm now planning my 6th. I've never paid single supliment and 3out of 5 trips I've had a single room by default. Some must do's in Cuba are the steps in Trinidad at night (open air music & dancing) and club tropicana. Most of us who went last year met up a few months later (after a drunken agreement made at club tropicana) & are aranging another reunion. Have also meet up with folks from other trips. I'm sure this wont be your first & last exodus experience (they are adictive). Enjoy!

I would recomend the La isla Grande (trip code AUB) above the nine day trips.


I have only travelled with Exodus twice so far and both times I travelled solo - India and Kenya.  I have to say you do get a little nervous on the day of travel, but I find that such nerves quickly disappear and you feel at ease when you meet the rest of the group, who are most likely to be friendly indivduals (as they are in the same boat).  I actually prefer to travel solo and find it exciting to meet new people.  I easily get on well with other people, whether they are in a couple or not, old or young - it doesn't matter to me.  We are all on a partcular trip because of a common passion for travel and adventure.

On both occasions, I have met very nice, friendly people who I have kept in touch with after thr trips.

I agree that travelling solo with the security of a group is an excellent way to see different countries and meet new people.  I've never gone for the single supplement and, personally, I don't think I ever would.

Forget the nerves and just go for it.


I have been travelling solo for decades and I enjoy the freedom it gives you. You will find that the people on the trip are friendly.

I usually pay the single supplement, although there are some trips it is not really worthwhile because it only applies to one or two nights.  It gives you a bit more space and you don't have to worry about making sure things don't get mixed up (especially for the flight home). I agree with Sarah L that if you share with someone you don't know either of you (more likely both of you) could have some habit than irritates the other.


Thanks everyone for the advice and helpful comments - that's my first exodus trip booked and deposit paid.  Very excited! 


My first trip with Exodus is in July and I'm travelling alone after my partner and I split up. I'm looking forward to the experience of getting to know new people, although a little nervous. I'm getting a single room as I like my space, am partial to pre dinner naps and definitely wouldn't want to end up with turning-lights-on-at 3am-woman. Have a great trip!

I too am travelling alone for the first time at the age of 67!!!  I have been with Exodus before with a friend to Peru, Nepal and Morocco so I know the group situation works.  It's the actual travelling down to meet up with the group flight in London that's my only concern as I live in the North of England.  Once you meet up with the group everyone looks out for each other - i say go for it.  life is too short to wish you had done something - do it NOW before its too late.



I am going on La Isla Grande trip on the 22nd of this month and hoping that I will meet similar people to those I met on my two previous trips to the Amalfi coast and to the Turquoise Coast.  Everyone was so nice and we seemed to gel very quickly as a group both times.  I have booked the single supplement as I like to have the option of some time on my own if I want.  On the previous trips there was not a lot of 'spare' time however.

I have posted a message in Departure Lounge twice since I booked this trip but no one has replied as yet! Anyone out there going on this trip?


Staff member

Hi Trish,
It's great to hear that you're looking forward to joining our Cuba trip the Isla Grande this month. We have a nice size group on this departure so you'll certainly have plenty of company. I went to Cuba recently and it's a wonderful destination - this is quite a busy itinerary that takes you to all of the highlights so I'm sure you will not be disappointed! Trinidad and Baracoa were my favourite areas, as well as time in Havana to soak up the atmosphere. Have a great time and if you do have any questions before your departure please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Operations team.

With kind regards
Vicky Boughton (Trip Manager).   


Hi Vicky

Thanks for your reply.  I am really looking forward to the trip as I have wanted to visit Cuba for a long time.  One thing that is concerning me though is what money to take.  The trip notes advise against travellers cheques and say that ATMs are not widespread.  I don't want to travel with wads of cash and would be grateful for your opinion on being able to use the cash machines that are available. 



Hi Trish I went to Cuba last year , Iwould advice on taking sterling don't take dollars as there is a higher tax on exchange rate. You can exchange money at the airport. You can exchange money at hotels (ussualy on an under the counter kind of way(better exchange rate)). Can't remember seeing atms. but all hotels have safes.



Thanks for your reply and info.

I have another enquiry, this time regarding mobile phones.  I don't intend to spend my holiday contacting people but would like to be contactable for family by text.  I know I have left this very late as I realised my own phone wasn't going to work in Cuba and that I need a triband phone.  Is it worth going to the expense of getting a new phone, what is the mobile coverage like in Cuba?


When I travel my phone is only used as an alarm clock. When I went to Cuba fell asleep on plane with phone in pocket and too meany buttons must have got pushed so arived with phone being blocked, so unable to help you on this one. But if the phone coverage is like there internet coverage I wouldn't bother. One of our party waited over an hour and didn't get connected to internet.



Thought you might find this interesting.




Had a really good time in Cuba on the La Isla Grande trip - a great mix of history, sightseeing, relaxing and some walking.  Had no problems with the money, had just enough with me to last the two weeks.  My phone didn't work but did manage on a couple of occasions to use the internet without too much hassle or connection problems.  All in all a trip to recommend.



Hi everyone, really interesting to see all your comments about solo trips as I'm just about to go on my first solo trip with Exodus in July to Tuscany! Feeling very excited although still a little apprehensive but looking forward to meeting some new people.


I have travelled solo for the last 7 years. Unless i go on my own and share with a stranger i would not have been able to have done the holidays i have as the single supplement  in many cases is very expensive. people are very nice and you only share the accommodation mainly at night. So go for it.


Afternoon everyone, as a newcomer to Exodus and recently retired I'm interested to know what the general makeup of the travel groups are?

I'm aware of the Solo Departures but there are others that I fancy but don't want to end up as the only old git (59) on the trip !

Really fancy the Everest base camp trip btw. 

Peter S.


I cam back from the Yellowstone trip last month - 12 of us on the trip, all travelling on our own! To be fair, it is usual to have a bit of a mix with the odd couple plus friends travelling together rather than all singles.

We also had a real mix of age ranges - from late 20s through to mid 50s - so that shouldn't be a problem.

I have rung Exodus in the past about trips I'm interested in and got them to give me the low down on who has already booked. Nothing specific, just an idea as to whether they're travelling as couples, singles and approx age ranges. 

All my exodus trips have a mix of young and young at heart (old). I seem to be geting nearer the later. Some couples. But all with the same interest. Never seen any probs with people mixing. Go for it Peter S.


Go for it! Nothing wrong with travelling alone, you soon make friends and you'll wish you did it sooner. I've done seven trips with Exodus and six I did on my own, the seventh was with two friends I met on an Exodus trip....so that worked out well!!!

As a single female I was a bit nervous of traveling alone but Exodus have allowed me to see amazing places, off the beaten track, building my confidence hich I wouldn't have done on my own. Go for it! 

Shannon :-)


I've been looking at booking an Exodus trip for a while now but have never been brave enough to go for it and never travelled alone before.

From reading some of the threads here, I worry that I'll end up on a trip with either lots of couples or lots of older solo travellers...nothing against the older ones but would like to have people my own age to talk to (and I've shy enough at the best of times so would be easier to integrate with solos rather than couples...)

Anyone that lives in Scotland or North of England in same situation? In an ideal world I'd love to meet up with fellow travellers to say "Hi" beforehand!

 Lisa x


Hi Lisa,

I have been on 3 Exodus trips in the last couple of years and found that the ages ranged from mid/late 20's to mid 60's.  They were mostly single women with some couples and friends travelling together.

Only on my last trip did I meet any other Scottish people!  The others I met were mostly from the south of England or Midlands.  I live in Scotland and do know people here who have been on Exodus trips but they have had the same experience as me re make up of groups.

I always found that everyone mixed well.  You should give it a try as it is a great way to see places and I found it a good way to travel on my own.




If you're worried, its always worth speaking to Exodus before you book a trip and they can tell you whether its all couples currently booked on it. All of mine have been a real mix to date (ages, sex and people travelling alone / together).

On my last trip everyone was travelling independently & we all got along - just by being interested in the trip means you've got something in common!



Hey Sarah,

Thanks for that! Can I ask what trip you went on?



Hi Lisa

The last trip was Yellowstone (hiking & camping), but I've also been to Costa Rica and Ethiopia with Exodus. We had 2 couples on the Costa Rica trip (1x honeymooners, which I thought was brave!) and everyone else was travelling independently. The Ethiopia trip was more couples based, and the group was split between older aged couples and a few of us in the sub 40 bracket - but we all got along well.

I'm sure whichever trip you go on you'll have fun -never had a bad trip with Exodus so far!






I'm travelling on my first exodus trip at the end of November and its my first weeks holiday on my own. I'm really nervous about it so the comments posted have helped with this. Thanks All!

Where you off to Claire ?


I'm off on the AMS trip to Marrakech and the sahara, really looking forward to it but still scaring me


I recently did TMB traveling on my own - my first with Exodus. I can echo what many have said here - it's well worth it. We had a great mix of people of all age's, single and couple alike. It made for a great 15 days and loved every minute of it.

Oh one thing I did was kept my eye's peeled at the airport for people with the "luggage label 4 life" or Exodus kitbags. Chatting at the airport was great for killing the time and getting rid of some of those solo travel nerves. 

Enjoy your trip! 

I've done about 5 Exodus trips, all as a solo traveller and all have been amazing.  Two in particular, Japan and Jordan, have left me with some really good friends who I see regularly and have even travelled with in recent years.  If anyone out there is nervous about travelling alone - don't be!  I always check about the make up of the group going on my planned trip to make sure there is a relatively good mix of solo travellers and couples or friends.  I've never been on a trip where I was the only solo traveller and I'm not sure I'd want to be but where there's a mix of people you're guaranteed to find people to keep you company when you want.  Travelling on my own has made exploring the world so much fun and I wouldn't think twice about booking a holiday alone anymore.  You never know who you might meet!!

Enjoy your trips everyone



About 10 years ago I lived in Japan for 3 years and travelled around all over Asia with friends and alone without batting an eyelid. 10 years later back in the UK on with a demanding job, stress etc, I have ended up doing package holidays for simplicity and have started to lose that sense of confidence of travelling alone to more wacky places. Problem is that I miss the sense of adventure and being 'alive' and as as all my friends and family are either settled down or don't have time or money, travelling alone does become my only option.  Thing is you either sit at home dreaming of foreign lands full of fear and regret or you take the plunge travelling alone (you're not really alone from what I can see on an Exodus holiday) and risk it for a biscuit!  You might have the experience of a lifetime!  (This is what I am telling myself anyway to get my backside out of the door!)


All the trips I've done with Exodus have had a vast range of ages from 18 to well in the 60's, from solo travellers like myself to couples. In my experience of these trips, pretty much everyone mixes really well together. One trip I did there was just myself and another single girl, everyone else was as couples but that didn't matter in the slightest. I think with these kinds of trips people accept that you do mix with other people and if you didn't want to mix you wouldn't book these types of trips...if you have a dream to see somewhere new, no matter what age or regardless of being single, just try one of these trips. I've met some awesome people and as mentioned in my previous post my last trip to Kilimanjaro came about when a couple I'd met doing the Everest base camp trip asked if I fancied booking on the trip they were booking on to. Go for it!



i am from malta and i've been thinking of travelling alone, just to try a new experience. im not usually good at being alone so this will be an even bigger challenge, moreover i'm really shy and tend to keep back at least at the beginning. i really need sometime off from home and this should be ideal....i'd like to try a safari in kenya, what do u suggest? is it always so easy to travel solo? i'm really interested in making some new friends ..thanks in advance to all those who are goign to reply

Shar :)


Hi Shar-Malta,

Here is page http://www.exodus.co.uk/activities-experiences/solo-departures? with all the solo departures we offer. The group made up of predominantly solo travellers.





Hi Shar, 

I'm not great in my own company, i get bored of myself very quickly but really wanted to go away with other to meet new people and expereince new things. I'm off to Morocco on Sunday on my first Solo holiday so I'll let you know how I get on


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