Xmas Kili Rongai

Hi all, just wondering if there's anyone else on here doing Kili Rongai route over Xmas? (Depart Wed 21st Dec)

 Cheers! Pete 

Yes, we are! Really looking forward to it. Have you come across any usrful tips!

Janet and Tim

I did this (via Shira route) a couple of years ago. I'm off to India this year but no-one's joined me on this departure board so I'm reading all of yours. My top tips are pretty much the same as you'll have read elsewhere - lots of layers - especially for summit night, waterproof your bag - I separated my stuff in multiple waterbroof bags so I didn't have to unpack the whole thing every night. Plenty spare batteries for headtorch/ camera (sleep with them as you go higher to keep them warm). Make sure your waterproof is waterproof before you go - mine wasn't and I had an emergency call out to all the porters on summit night!.

I took a Sigg bottle to use for water and as a hot water bottle at night. I wished I'd taken more energy snacks - there is plenty food (including chocolates and biscuits as snacks) but I lost my appetite at altitude and didn't eat for 24 hours before summitting. Life would have been easier if I'd taken some gels with me. Also earplugs - especially for the crowded couple of nights before summitting!

If you have any doubts about your knees, poles are a must - they really help in all the mud at the end of the descent too!

Enjoy yourselves - hardest thing I've ever done but superbly rewarding and really well organised. All of us got to the top including 2 who had failed 6 months earlier.



Hi everone

I will be joining you on the trip as well. Wondering what on earth i've let myself in for, but i enjoy a challenge.... it will be great to be away from rubbish tv all over christmas. Thanks for all the helpful tips Caroline. Hope you have a great holiday in India. Are you all flying from heathrow?

Caroline L


Thanks for the tip about the gels Caroline. I do use them and was wondering if it was worth taking them. Have a fab trip to India.

Pete- We too have done a training day with Mike, a great day with lots of useful information. A good measure of fitness too.

We were planning to do the the visa there, it appeard to be straightforward, reading the notes. We have spent Christmas away from home several times, mostly in this country though, the Lakes. Our only time aboard was an Exodus trip to the Sahara, awesome.

We're from Reading so not a million miles away, if you fancy a training day beforehand.


I've just done my visa through Travcour, took 8 days. I hate form filling when i'm travelling, so it seemed easier to do it beforehand. My cousin did Kili a few years ago and he said get your visa before you go.

 I live in Bwlchllan in Mid West Wales, between Aberystwyth and Lampeter. I'm a sheep farmer (well what else can you do in Wales?) and my training is running around after sheep!! Been too busy even to get up Snowdon this year.

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