Xmas & New Year Everest Base Camp

Just thought I'd say hi to anyone else planning on spending xmas and new year on the trek to EBC :)  There's only 1 space left so there must be a few of us now!

 I'm really looking forward to it, guess it's only 6 weeks away now!


Hi Danny

I am booked on this trip too.  Really looking forward to it, less than 4 weeks to go. The write ups from the most recent trip in November were good, which just adds to the excitement!!

See you soon!






Hello there - I've just booked on this trip & wanted to say hi to you & to anyone else who's going.  I was reading the blog entries for the group departing the week before us & they had some good recommendations about guide books & what to take etc.  One of them had done it last year & had some good tips.  I'm really looking forward to it & hopefully some others will join in with this blog so that we can chat & say hi before we get there.  Hope your planning & preparations are going ok!  Sasha.

Has anyone managed to get through to exodus today?  I called the 24 hour duty line and was told the office was open, so I called the office and got the answering machine which tells you when the office is open (not today!).  Anyway I've left a message, but I guess they have a hell of alot of them.  Could do with an update on the website or answer phone or something.  

 On the plus side - I'm quite chuffed with my packing effort :)


I got through almost straight away on the customer operations number - 0845 863 9643 - this isnt the number that the 24hr hotline are giving out (an 0208 number).  Basically they're doing their best to rearrange flights etc and as soon as they manage to get something sorted they'll be contacting us :)




Hi Danny - I'm really pleased that at least one other person in our group is using this blog site!  I kept checking to see if there was any "chat" going for our trip, but nothing!!  I got through to Exodus on that number earlier today & like you was told that they would try & rebook us onto new flights but not until tomorrow (apparently the airline doesn't know what will happen until the airport opens so the Tour Operators can't make enquiries until then which is hopefully Monday).  They asked me to call back tomorrow.  This is all such a pain as if we don't leave by tomorrow night I guess we miss the tour.  Keep me posted with anything you find out... 

Cheers, Sasha.

Hi Sasha thats good to know, fingers crossed we'll be on tomorrows flight then - hopefully they'll call in plenty of time for us to get to heathrow.  I wonder how many of us were on todays flight...


Hi All,

Joe here. Anxiously waiting to see what's going to happen with my bags packed!

I see Jet Airways are saying on their website they'll run an extra flight to Delhi tomorrow morning at 8.30....wonder if they'll get us on that one?

Hope we meet v soon!

Hi Joe, thats good to hear, hopefully we'll get a call soon then :)  



Hi Guys -


Exodus have updated the "Travelling this Weekend" section of their website to say:  "If your flight was cancelled or severely delayed (12 hours or more) over the weekend, if your flight is cancelled, you should speak to the airline about arranging travel to your final destination.  If you are able to travel on a delayed or re-booked flights, you must contact us so we can arrange for you to be met, by our local partners and catch up with the tour. Many tours have land only passengers arriving from outside Europe, and will still be scheduled to operate.  If you are unable to secure a flight, we would be happy to transfer you to a later trip and waive the normal transfer admin fee. Please call our office on Monday to arrange this."


My worry is that when I called Exodus this morning, they told me there was nothing they could do about rebooking flights until Monday so I don't think they will be doing anything today to get us onto that 8.30am flight as it will be too late.  I don't expect to hear from them today but hopefully they might get us onto a later flight tomorrow if they can.  Let's hope although my hope is fading slowly.  I've tried the Jet Airways number on their website but it's out of order & I can't get through.  Apparently there were 8 of us due to fly out tonight on this Tour, so that's half the group!  I wonder what the others are doing!


Rgds, Sasha.

anyone heard from exodus today?




Yes I called them & got through at about 10:30 & they took my reference number & phone number & said they would see if they could get me onto tonight's flight.  I've heard nothing & will try & call at around 2pm (we need to know if we are on that flight!!), but since then I've just received the email from their MD saying that most flights are full.  If we don't go tonight then I think we miss the tour as we won't get there in time to get the flight to Lukla.  I think our luck is running out sadly.  At least they are offering us a full refund by early January which is small consolation.  Have you heard anything?  Sasha.

I spoke to them around the same time, they said the earliest available flight was the 24th, but that it was likely that by the time they're spoken with the operators in Nepal to see if they could catch us up with the main group that the flights would probably have been booked out anyway.  I also wasn't too keen on the idea of 'catching up' - sounded like cheating to me ;)  They did say they would continue to try for todays flight but it was unlikely.  And I've just had the email aswell so I'm guessing its a no go :( Especially considering it's now snowing again!  Totally gutted was really looking forward to xmas on the mountain!  I suppose I now have to go and do some xmas shopping was ignoring it till I got back haha....

Although the optimist in me is still hoping for a call I think I've pretty much given up!  Will probably get the refund and then try to book something for next year instead....

Fingers still crossed tho!



I was at Heathrow for the original flight as the Heathrow website said it was still going ahead. I spent the night at the airport. In Exodus's defense there was absolutely no information coming from Jet, in fact the Jet desk was the only one unstaffed in the airport, the number was unavailable and we were told to put our reference number into their website.  So fellow travellers set up their laptops to help us do it.  I did meet Joe (see earlier post) and he was rebooked by Jet after he had put in his details to their website too, which was great for him but some people had been waiting since Saturday so they were not doing it in order of priority as they had said they were - it really was pot luck.  Although the fact that they were taking our details on a piece of paper and the fact that they had one pen between three staff did nothing to inspire confidence that they had things under control.  They did say that flights in the following 36 hours were 95% full and there were 700 Jet passengers waiting to be rebooked. So I elected to come home to Edinburgh and was lucky to get the last train out of London.   The train was full and I was sitting with all the suitcases, the guard came along and apologised.  I told him after the last 24 hours I was grateful to be going home and he took me to first class!!

At Heathrow, I was camped out with travellers from Explore and they have to make insurance claims to get any form of compensation, so under the circumstances it is fantastic that Exodus have taken that stress away and we can simply rebook.  Hope you get to Base Camp one day!!!

Sorry we didn't meet!


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