Xmas on Taste of Egypt

Is anyone gong on this trip from 22-30 December 2010?

If so, let me know! 



Hi Beth

I've just booked on. I may have mentioned it to one or two people... and everyone is gratifyingly jealous.

And then someone asked me if I'd booked my jabs yet. Hmm.



Chris and Frankie from the Isle of Wight are looking forward to Christmas with you! But eare doing this to get away from all the Xmas stuff.

Hi Beth, Sarah, Chris and Frankie.

I booked this trip last week and really looking forward to spending Xmas in Egypt :)


Hey chuck, yeah I got an email from her this morning..think she sent it to yahoo.co.uk - I'll forward it to .com :-)


That would explain why I didnt get it.......thanks my dear. x

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