Yellow Fever Vaccination - Trip APG Machu Picchu and Galapagos

Is it necessary to have proof of yellow fever vaccination for this trip?  I have found different answers on different websites.



Peru requires it for certain areas in the amazon, not required for Machu Picchu which is west of the Andes. There is a similar situation in Ecuador. It applies to some rainforest areas, not required for Quito or Galapagos. Your GP can advise - generally the practice nurses deal with immunisation.

Hi Marilyn,

You do not require proof of Yellow Fever vaccination for this trip since none of the places visited on the main trip itinerary are in Yellow Fever risk areas. It generally occurs on the eastern side of the Andes, at altitudes lower than 2400m - Machu Picchu is the lowest place we visit on the trip, at 2450m.

However, if you are planning to take up the Amazon Rainforest extension we do strongly recommend you get the vaccination prior to departure as the disease is endemic in the rainforest. There is no mandatory requirement at present to show proof of vaccination on arrival at the airports in Puerto Maldonado (Peru) or Coca (Ecuador), but this situation can change at very short notice and the local authorities have in the past been known to force travellers to get vaccinated on the spot if they are not carrying the Yellow Fever certificate. This is both potentially risky as medical equipment may not be adequately sterilised and also largely ineffective since the vaccine takes several days to work.

As lhamilton has suggested, you should contact your GP or local travel clinic for full advice on vaccinations - take a copy of the itinerary with you to show them exactly where you will be travelling.


Tim (Peru trip manager)


Just an update on this. I looked at the UK gov't site, our gov't site (Canada), and also e-mailed the Ecuadorian consulate. No yellow fever vaccine is needed to go to Ecuador currrently.(Actually the consulate told me no shots are currently required by them for entry)

 However, if you are crossing into any other neighbouring country, they will likely ask to see your certificate of immunization. We have just taken the shot (valid for 10 yrs) but are not taking our certificates along with us since it's a one-country trip in our case. 

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