On yer bike in India

As the trip is full I know that my wife and I will not be alone cycling through southern India. We are therefore interested to know who'll be our cycling partners on what should be yet another memorable Exodus tour.

Chris & Cat 


Hi Chris and Cat, can I assume you have posted the wrong departure day and year? I am presuming you are on my trip departing Friday 17 December 2010. I too am travelling with my spouse Ian.

Hi Alison, Maybe this is why we'd not received any responses and were feeling so lonely. Fortunately it's only 6 weeks before we'll be on vacation and not 58. Have you been on similar trips before. We've been on a few trips with Exodus, the most recent to South East Asia on a cycling holiday. It wasn't too strenuous but very hot and humid. It's a great justification for eating more of the fantastic cuisine that we should experience in India. Have you sought any advice regarding anti-malarial tablets? To us it appears that they are not recommended but we'll check with our doctor. Chris & Cat


Hi Chris & Cat, glad we cleared up the date issue. We have only been on one other Exodus trip which was Xmas last year. We did Asia also, the Thai, Cambodia and Vietnam one which we really enjoyed. In regard to the malaria tabs, I have already seen our local health centre and they have told me that the area we are visiting is very low risk so are not recommending malarone this trip. Please let me know if you are given the same advice. We both loved the food in Asia, I am only hoping that it is not too hot and spicy compared with Thai cuisine. (By the way we are the couple on the right hand side of the photo) Ali

Hi Ali, Looks like we were on the same trip in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It was a great trip but I have higher expectations of India. I think the terrain should be more varied although the daily kms are higher, but I'm trusting the trip notes that it's mainly downhill.

I was also advised that anti-malarials are not recommended and so we have no plans to take any - just regular precautions against bites.

I like my food spicy but curry and cycling may not be a marriage made in heaven. At least we shouldn't be in too many confined spaces.

Are you and Ian keen cyclists? Cat and I are recreational - some commuting and the odd weekend ride.



Hi Chris, So we did the same trip, wonder if you tried the fried spiders! lol! Glad to hear we don't have conflicting advise on the malaria risk. I believe the India trip is slightly more strenuous than the Indochina one due as you say to increased mileage, and then of course there is the Ooty Hill Fort assent which you have simply have to take on the challenge! I believe you can get a lift up there but I wouldn't feel I'd completed the trip that way. I'm looking forward to the sea food once we reach Varkala and I can take a degree of spice.  We are recreational cyclist also, we have Marin mountain bikes but don't do any serious off road stuff just the quite country lanes and tracks. Ali  

So, other than Ali, Ian, Cat and I, is anyone else online that will be joining Le Tour de Kerala in December?

Hi Ali, Now I'm feeling peckish. I quite enjoyed the Cambodian spiders, accompanied by some spicy crickets and crunchy water bugs. I'm sure that that India will also hold many culinary delights and as you mention, the seafood on the coast should be worth the ride. Inland I read that food tends to be vegetarian which should also be delicious. Chris



Hi Chris, I think I'm going to have to have your claim confirmed by Cat!  I can't see her kissing you ever again after that lot! lol! One of our party bought one spider of which Ian and I managed a leg each which tasted very similar to beef jerky, the rest of the lunch was very conventional!  What ever the food is like this trip, working up an appetite makes it all the more tasty!  Ali

Hi Ali, I've just seen a trailer for I'm a Celebrity - Get me out of here. Look's like my little arachnid was only a baby compared to what the "celebrities" experience. To help overcome the current weather I've just been checking the trip notes in more detail. I see that we should be indulging in some great Tiger Prawns on Christmas Day. I feel better already - 10 legs are so much better than 8.

Still no other posts so far but we still have a couple of weeks to go. Chris



Hi Chris,I'm sure the food will be fab, so nice not to be eating stodgy Xmas dinner when your belly feels like it is going to burst!  Yes, shame there are no others posts, although last year I seem to remember only 4 people logged in then! Getting a bit nervous now it is so close!  I didn't think we would have a repeat of bad weather to the run up as it was last year!  We are driving down 16 December, staying at an hotel near the airport then getting a taxi next morning so I hope it will be ok with no hitches.  Last year one of our party flying from Manchester missed the flight because of the rotten weather! He had to catch up with us a day late!

Hi Ali, not long to go now. I'm looking forward to a little thermal shock. We're not travelling on the group flights, how about you? We should be in Mysore on Friday. Chris


Hi Chris, I couldn't agree more, a rise in temperature would be very welcome.  Glad to look out this morning and find all the snow and ice virtually gone so driving and even walking off the estate is no longer treacherous. We are on the group flight this year so we are driving down Thursday staying over night near Gatwick.  On reflection I think you may be the wiser because once we disembark at Bangalore it is a 3 hr coach journey to Mysore!  Good grief will we be sick of travelling!  See you soon, Ali 

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