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The Zambezi Valley

Hello All,

 We will be taking the above trip on the 28/06/13 next year and myself and Chez cannot wait. We love camping up here in Scotland so it will be interesting to see how Zambia compares. Can imagine there will be less snow. 

Very excited about being up close and personal with the animals of the Zambezi river with a little bit of trepidation thrown in about canoeing with Hippos and Crocs.

 Anyone else heading of on this trip post a reply it would be good to know who we will be travelling with.

 See you all next year.

 Steven and Chez.

1. Bring a blow-up crocodile for gret photos while bathing in the Zambezi. Note: a blow-up sheep is not the same thing!

2. Get a vaccine for that nasty African disease, Numbabumba. If not, it will eat away at your trousers.

3. When taking a photo of an elephant be aware if you are using the zoom feature on your camera. He may be approaching you!

4. If you can stuff an outboard motor in your carry-on luggage. It may be helpful.

5. Don't get your hopes up about seeing impala.

6. Bring warm clothes. A jumper is not sufficient. Consider the full thermal ski kit.

7. Be aware of magnetic forces. The canoes are attracted to each other, charging trees and angry hippos.

8. Keep your passport handy for wee stops in Zimbabwe.

9. If your guide says "Stop that!" to a hippo, it works, unless it is Norman, the hippo, Bates.

10. Don't worry, there is a rescue boat. He is the Best, simply the best, better than all the rest.

Have a great trip! I think I can speak for the group that we had a great time.


Sounds like you had a great time. Cannot believe it has arrived so quickly. Will look out for the old Numbabumba, will see if I can find some extra padding.

 What is the deal with luggage. Do you take it all on the canoes or just your small bag and large bag left with the canoe company. 

 How was the weather during the day? Windy, sunny, cool, hot? 


The deal with the luggage is that anything you need for the trip you need to take with you on the canoe, just make sure it's water proof, oh! and make sure your camera is to hand but secure as I found to my regret.. 

As to the weather during the day it can be windy, sunny, cool & hot, just remember it can get very cold at night and you may need woolly hat and gloves for night time safaries...

It's a non-stop trip.... oh and an idea for something to take to the school are balloons, they also loved to undo the balloons so they could make noises, so a few screamer balloons would be fun aswell....

Have a fun trip.....we did...  :) 

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