The Zambezi Valley - 18/06/10

We've booked for this trip anyone else going or been?


Hi Stephen, I'm going on the 18th June too. Just got the email to say the trip is confirmed. Can properly look forward to it now! You done anything like this before?



Yeah I got the email today as well, can't wait to go now. We've been on a couple of trips before and both have been really, really well organised so this one should be fantastic!

Hello Stephen, Luke and anyone else going on this trip. I went last October and had a great time. One tip I would give is to make sure you get someone local currency when you arrive at the airport as this is really the only opportunity you will get. Just tell the person meeting you that this is what you are doing and they will wait. The other thing is to make sure you take and wear a wide-brimmed hat and a long-sleeved shirt to protect yourself from the sun. A bandana for you neck is also useful. It gets really hot in the lower Zambezi Valley and there is no shade when you are canoeing. Several people on our trip (including me) did get a touch of heatstroke - not recommended!

Towards the end of the trip you get to have a look round two remote villages. In the second, you will be taken to the local primary school where most of the pupils are orphans. The school is run on a shoestring and they would really, really appreciate it if you could take some children's clothes, pencils, notebooks, educational toys or similar. A little really does go a long way here. They already have two inflatable world globes by the way!

If you are lucky enough to have 'CB' as your guide, please say a warm hello from me!




Well I'm all paid up now so can really start looking forward to the trip...

I was given a tip by someone who has already been on the trip...Try not to take anything too fragrant with you (shower gels, shampoo etc) as this can draw animals into the camp at night....Hmmmm does that give us free reign not to wash all week?? That will create a nice fragrance all of its own!


Thanks Louisa and Polly for the tips. I guess compared to Scotland the sun will be quite strong, even though June is their winter. Is it easier to buy a visa when we get there or is everyone getting one in advance from Travcour? They ask for a guarantee letter- I'm guessing the confirmation email is enough. But if it's easy and cheaper to get one on arrival...? 

It's very easy (and also cheaper) for UK residents to get a visa on arrival in Zambia. Just make sure you take some US$ in cash for the visa fee. No doubt you will have to queue for a while but don't worry - the group's not going anywhere until everyone has assembled.


Hi all

Aslo on the 18th trip to Zambezi. Who else is going the day before and staying overnight in Eureka camp?

Any one who has been on the trip can you advise on if there is any way to charge camera batteries during the week?

Thanks Paul K


Hi Paul and others

 I am going the day before and staying overnight in Eureka as well 

 The batteries I have may last but good point maybe a solar charger would be an idea to look at

Hello Paul,

On this trip there are very few opportunities to charge camera batteries so I would take one or two spares and try not to use up too much juice reviewing pictures etc while there! 

Have a great trip,





Is anyone taking their own sleeping bag or is everybody using the ones provided by exodus?

Hello Polly,

I took my own sleeping bag when I went on this trip and regretted it. I never actually used it (as it was too hot - I went in November) and it was just something else to lug around. When we arrived at the Zambezi the tents were already set up on an island and sleeping bags were already in situ. There wasn't an opportunity to leave spare ones behind with the vehicle. When you are packing and unpacking canoes each day, the less you have the better. Both sleeping bags and sheet liners were provided and all were very clean. So I'd recommend just using the one provided and save the space in your luggage!




Thanks, thats one less thing to worry about!! Getting very excited now. just hope my passport turns up in time!!!

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